Baskin Husband Alive
Baskin Husband Alive

Reportedly, Carole Baskin’s ‘Dead’ Husband Has Turned Out To Be Alive, And Well

The revelation that Carole Baskin’s ex-husband, who was ruled legally dead in 2002 after going missing five years earlier, has been found alive and well is quite literally the news flash of the decade. The fact that we all missed it may be even more startling than Don Lewis’ resurrection.

During a 2021 television appearance, Baskin revealed the information about her husband. And when I say, “How the fuck did that go under the radar,” I’m sure I speak for everyone.

After learning the surprising news this week, one individual wrote, “How did I miss that Carole Baskin’s husband, who went missing and claimed to be given to the tigers, was recovered alive in Costa Rica last year.” “What?! This should have made the front page, “Someone responded, ultimately confirming what we were thinking.

Another bewildered Tiger King fan said, “I’m sorry, WHAT!?” A fourth tweeted, “And we all thought she murdered him.”

What Happened To Don Lewis, Carole Baskin’s Ex-Husband?

Recap: In 2020, Baskin and Don Lewis became well-known thanks to their roles in the Netflix docuseries Tiger King, which chronicled the peculiar exploits of big-cat keeper Joseph Maldonado-Passage.

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After her ex-husband unexpectedly vanished in 1997, only six years after they were married, Maldonado-Passage accused Baskin of being involved in his death several times during the series. In particular, Lewis’ body is given to her pack of giant cats was one of the accusations made against Baskin, which she vigorously disputed.

Reportedly, Carole Baskin's 'Dead' Husband Has Turned Out To Be Alive, And Well

However, Baskin stated on ITV’s This Morning in 2021 that Homeland Security had been in touch to confirm they had discovered Lewis’ whereabouts. “They reported that Don Lewis, my husband, is healthy and alive in Costa Rica. However, despite Homeland Security knowing where he is and all this drama being created about me being involved in his absence, “said she.

Following her disbelief at the information, Baskin added: “He couldn’t support himself, in my opinion. I had agreed to let him do so so he could show himself that he could support himself. He took around a million dollars down to Costa Rica.” What happened to the money in question? Baskin said she tried to recover it but could only get $80,000 back “because his investments were so terrible.”

Where Is Don Lewis, Carole Baskin’s Ex-Husband, Now?

Lewis is still listed as legally dead, despite Baskin’s claim that the US government is aware of his existence and that he is currently residing in Costa Rica. In addition, he hasn’t publicly acknowledged that he isn’t precisely six feet beneath, and he doesn’t seem to have come back to the United States. BRB, we must go lie down in a quiet, dark room.

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