Jinkx Monsoon Makes Broadway Debut In Chicago

How Did Jinkx Monsoon Makes Broadway Debut In Chicago?

Jinkx Monsoon has cemented her place in the annals of drag queen history by being the first person to play the part of Matron ‘Mama’ Morton in Chicago. And the feedback from the crowd has been overwhelmingly positive!

On Monday, the woman who triumphed in both the fifth season of Drag Race and the most recent winners season of All Stars took the stage for the first time (January 16th)

The footage of the audience cheering passionately for Jinkx as she graces the stage during the curtain call can be found on various social media platforms.

Before the performer joins the rest of the cast, she is showered with rose bouquets as she walks out onto the stage.

How Did Jinkx Monsoon Makes Broadway Debut In Chicago?

Jinkx released the following statement just before their performance in Chicago: “I cannot stress enough that this has been a lifelong goal of mine.

Jinkx Monsoon Makes Broadway Debut In Chicago

My lifelong ambition is coming true in every aspect, especially now that I’ll be making my Broadway debut in one of my favorite plays, playing my favorite part, and in one of my favorite productions.

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“The first number I played in drag was ‘All That Jazz,‘ so this almost feels like too much of a coincidence. But I never question the blessings I have received; instead, I thank Hecate for them.

RuPaul discusses Jinkx’s performance in Chicago during a recent interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen when she offered her thoughts on the casting of Jinkx.

What Will Be The First Of Many Roles Jinx Will Play On Broadway?

Fans are hopeful that the character of Morton, which Queen Latifah played in the film adaptation from 2002, will be the first of many roles Jinkx will play on Broadway.

According to what Playbill has revealed, they will perform for a limited engagement of eight weeks, which will expire on March 12th.

After Jinkx’s first show, they shared this image on their Instagram account. They shared photographs of a dressing room decorated with flowers and added, “I think this truly says it all.”

They followed by saying, “I want to say loads… but I’m just going to say thank you all.” I am overjoyed that we were able to arrive here together.

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