Who Is Aubrey Plaza Husband
Who Is Aubrey Plaza Husband

Who Is Aubrey Plaza Husband Jeff Baena?

The most extraordinarily gifted and educated American actress, comedian, and producer is Aubrey Plaza. Although her professional accomplishments are well known, she kept her personal life so secretive that no one could ever see it. Interestingly, an intelligent American actress chose Jeff Baena as her career partner and life companion. When it was revealed that the pair had been dating since 2011, many were quite astonished.

Who is Aubrey Plaza Husband?

The couple decided to take a significant life step and get married in 2021. In addition to being the coolest spouses, they have worked together on many professional endeavors. Spin Me Round, the newest movie released in 2022, was written and directed by Jeff Baena and starred Aubrey Plaza.

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Aubrey Plaza, currently starring in The White Lotus season 2, attributes her successful acting career to her supportive spouse and frequent collaborators. In response to a question regarding her significant other, Aubrey Plaza stated in an interview from 2019: “I think that when you are with someone that is in your field, they understand what you are dealing with on a deeper level.

Therefore, it is clear that you can assist one another and truly comprehend the trip that we are both on. While collaborating with a partner can occasionally be challenging. It all comes down to balance.

Who Is Aubrey Plaza Husband-

When Did Aubrey Plaza And Jeff Baena Get Married?

According to sources, Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena began dating in 2011. The early stages of their relationship are largely unknown because they were both smitten with each other. Over the years, they both did everything in their power to keep their connection a secret, and it was a success.

Jeff and Aubrey remained silent about their engagement or their wedding preparations. But when Aubrey Plaza published an Instagram post referring to Jeff Baena as her “darling husband,” the world discovered that the couple had been wed.

They have worked together in numerous movies, including Life After Beth, Joshy, The Little Hours, and Spin Me Round. They are a stunning and captivating duo from the same industry. In 2019, Aubrey revealed that while they were quarantined due to the unfathomable Covid-19 epidemic, they both came up with the idea for their program Cinema Toast.


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Even though they are pretty active on social media, Jeff Baena and Aubrey Plaza keep their relationship a secret and never post any of their images there. On Valentine’s Day 2020, Aubrey Plaza gave fans a rare insight into her personal life with her spouse. Jeff Baena has a private Instagram account.

Additionally, Aubrey Plaza experienced a stroke at the age of twenty due to a blood clot in her brain. She was briefly immobilized after the stroke and unable to speak to her family or the medical staff. But she eventually recovered from the stroke, and she told tales in her interviews with the media.

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