Brendon Urie Gay

Brendon Urie Gay: Why Has He Said It’s Like Pansexual?

The band’s LGBT anthem “Girls/Girls/Boys” is receiving new meaning from Panic! at the Disco member Brendon Urie.

The musician discussed his sexuality in a recent interview with Paper magazine, identifying as pansexual.

I’m married to a woman and deeply in love with her, but I don’t have anything against men because I like people in general, Urie added.

“You could probably classify me as pansexual because of Brendon Urie Gay. I genuinely don’t give a damn. If someone is great, they must also be great.

If your heart is in the right place, I prefer good people. There’s no denying that I like men. I’m just attracted to certain people.

Why Has Brendon Urie Said It’s Like Pansexual?

Since Panic! released “Girls/Girls/Boys” in 2013 as a part of the band’s fourth studio album, “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die,” Urie has gained recognition as a supporter of the LGBT community.

Since then, Paniclive !’s song performances— about a lady who loves both men and women—have become a mainstay, with audience members waving pride flags and rainbow signs.

Brendon Urie Gay

That song was about my first trio, but instead of that, they changed it to be about accepting yourself for who you are as a person, which I thought was a much better message.

Stated Urie. It is an excellent idea to modify what I said to make it more motivating for your particular needs.

The musician also spoke about his former “stage homosexual” persona, which he recognized had caused some people to feel uneasy in the past.

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For our first headlining tour, Urie said, “Ryan, our guitarist, would get so upset if I went up to him and kissed him on the neck or the mouth.” “I just want to kiss you, dude,” I said.

After five or six beers, my pals and I would hang around and start kissing one another. People have a good time and get wasted.

Additionally, Urie recently appeared on Broadway in “Kinky Boots,” a play with LGBT themes and a celebration of drag culture. On June 22, Panic! released their most recent album, “Pray for the Wicked.”

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