Mayra And Donnie Still Together
Mayra And Donnie Still Together

Are Mayra And Donnie Still Together? Did They Break Up?

In the background, Donnie Scott, now Mayra’s boyfriend, encouraged her. After a while, inquiries increased as more people noticed him in her Instagram tales. He is 34 years older than Mayra, who revealed to her fans that he was her lover at the time.

Some individuals struggle to understand it and have received their fair share of offensive remarks and inquiries. Even people have questioned whether she is with him for a green card or money.

However, they have received a lot of support, and the fact that their ages are so disparate has touched many people. They share details of their personal life with their Instagram followers, such as vacations and dinners, and they enjoy participating in trending topics and responding to inquiries about their relationships. Mayra And Donnie Still Together?

Are Mayra And Donnie Engaged?

Donnie and Mayra have been dating for a while. They remain together and appear to be highly content with one another. Seven years into their relationship, they are already engaged.

But they haven’t yet exchanged vows. We hope they have huge plans for their special day and will let us know as soon as possible. The couple announced their engagement on their YouTube channel and is active on social media.

They frequently do everything together because they are so close. Since they often post about one another on those profiles, it may also be seen there. Their admirer adores them all collectively as well.

Do Mayra And Donnie Still Have A Relationship?

Donnie proposed to Mayra on October 11, 2020. They announced the news in a video posted to the Low Carb Love YouTube channel. In a video published on October 19, 2020, Mayra added that Donnie waited six years before he proposed to her. Regarding their wedding, the pair remained silent.

A photo of the couple was the last thing to be posted on the Instagram account @mayraanddonnie on August 21, 2022. Because of this, we might infer that they are united. Nothing more we can find reveals whether or not they are still dating.

The Age Difference Between Mayra And Donnie Is Quite Big

Donnie and Mayra are 34 years apart, which is a significant age gap. But they have demonstrated over time that age is simply a number.

Mayra And Donnie Still Together
Mayra And Donnie Still Together

People were angry that a young lady was dating a man twice her age at first, but everything turned out okay, and they also began to understand that love is more significant than anything else. The couple proved to everyone that they could persevere and support one another after all this time.

All of their admirers now adore them and enjoy watching them collaborate. When they have free time, Mayra and Donnie go to the beach, work out together, hike, ride, ski, and dine at restaurants to try new things. They take every chance to spend time together. Their preferred activity is to relax at home, enjoy a delicious meal, watch the sunset, and spend time with their loved ones.

She utilizes social media to talk about her weight loss experience and to share low-carb and keto recipes with her fans. She shed 135 pounds and has managed to keep it off for nearly 20 years. Her openness, honesty, and contagious charm, however, are what set her apart.

But they also have a joint Instagram account called @mayraanddonnie, where they share popular videos. More than 265K people follow the statement at the moment.

Did Mayra And Donnie Break Up?

Donnie and Mayra remained silent over their breakup. Because they haven’t discussed their relationship in a while and haven’t posted any images of themselves together, many are unsure if they are dating.

Mayra And Donnie’s Wedding

An excellent means to learn about their wedding isn’t available. Mayra uses social media platforms frequently. However, she has never shared any information about her nuptials or a photo of herself wearing a bridal gown. They got engaged last we heard about them, but they haven’t talked much about getting married.

What Is Mayra And Donnie’s Age?

According to, Mayra was born on that date in 1984. She will be 38 in 2022, based on her birth date. Scorpio is her horoscope sign. In a video, Mayra said that Donnie, who is 72, is 34 years older than she is. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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