Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery
Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery

Julie Bowen Says She Had Plastic Surgery After Her Twins ‘Ripped’ Her Open

Following the conclusion of “Modern Family,” Julie Bowen disclosed that she had plastic surgery to “correct” her tummy.

“The stomach is finally fixed. On Thursday’s episode of “The View,” Julie Bowen remarked, “Finally, after all these years. I was pregnant with my twins, John and Gustav, who are now 13 years old when I filmed the pilot for ‘Modern Family‘ in 2009.

She pointed to her stomach and exclaimed, “They just ripped it, the twins.” When “Modern Family” is over, I said: I’ll repair it. But it had been 11 years!

Julie Bowen, 52, claimed she waited for the comedy to end before having her mommy makeover and underwent surgery just days after filming the 2020 series finale.

Eleven years later, she explained, “we wrapped up on Friday, and I had my operation on Monday. It was entered.

The former “Modern Family” star catches “The View” co-hosts up on her life after the hit show and how she’s tackling the art of quitting by co-hosting her podcast, “Quitters.” You can watch the entire video below:-

The actress implied that she had a stomach tuck by describing how she was tightened and laced up “like a sneaker,” but she did not identify the precise operation she underwent.

Bowen also discussed how being preoccupied with her children during her early days of popularity helped her avoid the unwelcome attention she would receive from the paparazzi.

She said, “All I cared about was these young kids. I was so oblivious to everything else that I didn’t even notice it.

She jokingly remarked that I had boobs I could tuck into my shoes and life. I had been nursing!

Scott Phillips, Bowen’s ex-husband, is the father of her twins and Oliver, a 15-year-old boy. She and Phillips married in 2004 but divorced in 2018 after 14 years of marriage.

Julie Bowen Says She Had Plastic Surgery After Her Twins 'Ripped' Her Open

Bowen has been silent about her dating life ever since they split up. However, the Emmy winner recently revealed that he had previously fallen in love with a woman.

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My sexual orientation is straight. She was always having been straight. She confessed on a November 2022 episode of her “Quitters” podcast, “I was in love with a woman for a while, but she didn’t love me back.

Julie Bowen continued that she liked women but didn’t feel the same way about me. Since it never caught on, I never really had to question the conception of my sexuality.

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