Are Evelin And Corey Still Together?
Are Evelin And Corey Still Together?

Are Evelin And Corey Still Together From 90 Day Fiance?

Are Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber still dating? After Corey admitted to dating someone else while he and Evelin were still married but on a break, it appeared that the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple was destined for a terrible breakup. For information on the couple’s status in 2023, continue reading below.

When Did Corey And Evelin of 90 Day Fiances First Meet?

Corey and Evelin made their television debut on the first season of the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way on TLC in 2019. After meeting while Corey was traveling around South America, the couple began a long-distance relationship in Evelin’s birthplace of Engabao, Ecuador.

Evelin had been living with Corey and his family in his hometown of Mil A, Washington when they were first presented to 90 Day Fiancé viewers. Evelin decided she wanted to return to Ecuador since she struggled to adapt to life in America. Corey agreed to leave everything behind in the United States and relocate abroad to be with her for their relationship to work.

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Once in Ecuador, the pair argued over their plans because Evelin didn’t want to get married while Corey was prepared to say, “I do.” Despite their divergent beliefs on marriage, Evelin said “yes” when Corey proposed to her in a field during a romantic hot-air balloon ride. The first season finale included the couple’s engagement.

When Did Evelin And Corey Get Married?

Corey and Evelin were concealing a significant fact from viewers when they returned for season 3 of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff in August 2021: they were already married.

The pair wed in an intimate ceremony in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in June 2019, during their break from filming. When their scenes for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 were being shot, Evelin hadn’t even told her family about their wedding because it was so well guarded.

Did Corey Cheat On Evelin From 90 Day Fiance?

But Corey was keeping another thing from Evelin. After their wedding, the pair took a vacation from each other, and Corey spent time in the nearby country of Peru, where he met Jenny. He began connecting with Jenny since he thought he and Evelin were no longer together.

Evelin learned of the rumors, but when she confronted Corey in March 2020, shortly before the coronavirus lockdowns, he claimed it had simply been a one-night stand. Even though they had been apart, Evelin and Corey decided to get back in touch and repair their relationship.

In a difficult meeting with Evelin that was shown on an October 2021 program, he at last admitted to having a “serious” relationship with Jenny. Corey’s admission resulted in him being expelled from the house he and Evelin shared, and he had to stay with a friend before locating his place.

Are Evelin And Corey Still Together From 90 Day Fiance?

Reconciliation seemed beyond hope, but Evelin ultimately had a change of heart. Corey invited her to visit his new residence and prepared a special lunch for his wife. Evelin offered that they undergo couples therapy to work through their issues on their date after Corey pleaded for forgiveness.

Evelin confessed that she desired a divorce from Corey in her real-time reaction to his scenes about his ex-girlfriend Jenny. Thus it appears that their counseling sessions did little to salvage their marriage. Corey seemed to be trying to win back his wife’s favor simultaneously.

Later that month, he publicly apologized to Evelin in a statement that has since been deleted: “I realize it’s difficult to perceive Evelin as a lovely and caring person when you see the TV. She’s quite the opposite. She has always supported me and is remarkable, Even in my worst moments.

She has always loved and cared for me in a way no one else can truly comprehend, he wrote at the time. “I want to say thank you, Evelin. You mean the world to me, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me over the past seven and a half years in terms of love, support, friendship, care, and happiness. Once more, I sincerely apologize.

Are Evelin And Corey Still Together From 90 Day Fiance?

Despite their ups and downs, the couple offered their fans a positive update on their impending nuptials in 2023. During an Instagram Q&A with followers, the Ecuadorian native was asked for an update on their relationship state. She answered, “We are perfect, focused on the moment. “We just got back from vacation, and we hang out and go on dates every day.”

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