Are Sharron And Rhonda Still Together?
Are Sharron And Rhonda Still Together?

Are Sharron And Rhonda Still Together From Too Hot To Handle?

Following the conclusion of Season 1, Too Hot Handle viewers are eager to learn which couples are still together.

Fans fell in love with Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul right away and wished they could make their relationship work in real life. What’s happened to them since they departed the show is detailed here.

Are Sharron And Rhonda Still Together From Too Hot To Handle?

In a Women’s Health interview, Paul said: “Sadly, we aren’t together. We still chat, help each other out when we can, and do other things since we are the greatest of friends.”

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Paul clarified why they aren’t dating right now: “We haven’t had the chance to meet since the show because of everything going on. With that distance between us, it’s been incredibly challenging. We so decided to be friends for the time being.”

Why Did Sharron And Rhonda Break Up?

Sharron resides in New Jersey, while Rhonda and her son are stationed in Atlanta. Their once-nascent relationship looks to have suffered because of the distance between them.

Are Sharron And Rhonda Still Together From Too Hot To Handle?

“After the broadcast, we were going strong for a few months,” Paul admitted to Sadly, their bond deteriorated as a result of their separation. Townsend stated on the website, “I had problems with my family. My mother was ill. I finally began to withdraw once more. I didn’t mean to distance myself from her, but I did.”

During The Reunion Show, Rhonda Broke Down In Tears

Rhonda was overcome with emotion when talking about her time on the Netflix series Too Hot to Handle in the long-awaited reunion episode. She explained, “Watching the program back just kind of brought up all the relationships I had with everybody, you know, especially Sharron.”

She said that no one would ever be able to take that away from us, whether together or not, because the experience Sharron and I shared was so incredible. I wish I could go back and relive some of those moments, but I’m just going to create new ones from this point on, as Rhonda put it.

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