Lando Norris Net Worth
Lando Norris Net Worth

Lando Norris Net Worth: Is His Father Multi-Millionaire?

Currently driving for McLaren and representing Great Britain in Formula One is British-Belgian racer, Lando Norris. A participant in the McLaren Young Driver Program was Lando Norris.

One of the wealthiest men in Britain, Lando Norris’ father is a retired pension fund manager.

During a recent online streaming event on Twitch, Lando Norris raised $12,000 for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund in support of the World Health Organization.

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Lando Norris Net Worth

The total wealth of Lando Norris is 30 million dollars. British-Belgian race car driver Lando Norris is presently representing McLaren in Formula One.

Lando Norris Net Worth

Is His Father Multi-Millionaire?

With a net worth of £200 million, 51-year-old Adam Norris was ranked as the 610th richest person in Britain for 2022.

Hargreaves Lansdowne, a provider of financial services, is where he made his money.

What Kind of Vehicles Does Lando Norris Own?

Lando Norris is descended from a wealthy family. Since he was a young child, Lando Norris had access to costly vehicles. Below is a list of Lando Norris’s luxurious cars.

  • Rolls-Royce Wraith – USD 1 Million
  • McLaren 720S – USD 1 Million
  • Land Rover Defender – USD 190,000
  • Audi Q8 – $155,000 USD
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG – $790,000 USD
  • Lamborghini Aventador- $1 Million USD
  • Ferrari F8 – $590,000 USD
  • Jaguar F-TYPE- USD 220,000
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