Brock Purdy Elbow Injury
Brock Purdy Elbow Injury

Brock Purdy Elbow Injury: He Describes Elbow Injury As “Extremely Painful”

After suffering an elbow injury on San Francisco’s opening drive of the game, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy found it difficult to throw in the NFC Championship Game.

Brock Purdy characterized the injury as “very painful” following the defeat on Sunday.

In his press conference, Purdy stated, “My arm just felt like it stretched out.” “I felt like I was getting a lot of shocks from my elbow down to my wrist, front and back. It’s just pain all over.

With 7:03 remaining in the first quarter, Eagles defensive end Haason Reddick struck Brock Purdy’s elbow as he attempted to load up and throw the ball to Brandon Aiyuk.

Although the play was initially called an incomplete pass, a review revealed that Brock Purdy had swatted the ball ahead after it had left his hand. The Eagles received the ball after Philadelphia’s successful challenge.

Purdy remarked, “I assumed that was an imperfect pass.” Then, when a third-down approached, I walked to the sideline to beg for a ball because I sensed something wasn’t right as they were evaluating the play. I thus inquired to see if I could toss.

“And even during those few tosses, I could already see something was wrong. It was also a misstep. They checked everything out after that, and when I tried to throw on the sidelines, it was just incredibly uncomfortable.

Due to Josh Johnson’s concussion, Brock Purdy was forced to return to the game and was aware of his severe limitations.

“I had been tossing after the hit on the sideline to gauge my position. But it was uncomfortable even during those tosses,” Purdy affirmed. Therefore, I could not throw anything farther than 10 or 5 yards. That being the case, we merely had some displays. When I stepped back in, that was indeed our only choice.

As head coach Kyle Shanahan stated, Brock Purdy mentioned that he would get an MRI on Monday to establish the extent of the injury.

“It is a little swollen in the forearm area near the elbow,” Purdy said. “Still in pain. Just have to get the MRI tomorrow.”

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