TikTok CEO To Testify Before US Congress In March
TikTok CEO To Testify Before US Congress In March

TikTok CEO To Testify Before US Congress In March

A forthcoming hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee will feature testimony from TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew, a committee official told CNN on Monday.

On March 23, Chew will be the only witness during the hearing. According to a hearing notification posted on the committee’s website, he is scheduled to speak about TikTok’s privacy and data security policies, its effects on teenage users, and its “relationship to the Chinese Communist Party.”

“We’ve made our concerns clear with TikTok,” said the committee’s chair, Washington Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, in a statement. “It is now time to continue the committee’s efforts to hold Big Tech accountable by bringing TikTok before the committee to provide complete and honest answers for people.”

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report Chew’s impending testimony.

TikTok CEO To Testify Before US Congress In March
TikTok CEO To Testify Before US Congress In March

“We welcome the opportunity to set the record straight about TikTok, ByteDance, and the commitments we are making to address concerns about U.S. national security before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce,” Brooke Oberwetter, a spokesperson for TikTok, said in a statement. “We hope that by sharing details of our comprehensive plans with the full Committee, Congress can take a more deliberative approach to the issues at hand.”

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The public meeting highlights TikTok’s increasing political danger as talks with the US government on a national security accord drag on.

US government representatives have expressed worry that China may use its legal framework to coerce TikTok or its parent company, ByteDance, into handing over US user data that could be used for intelligence or disinformation purposes. According to a CNN investigation, the US government has banned TikTok from its devices because of these concerns, and more than half of the US states have followed suit.

When the app he controls can’t seem to escape the spotlight, Chew, who took over as TikTok CEO in April 2021, has generally managed to avoid it. During a Senate hearing last year, members of Congress previously questioned TikTok COO Vanessa Pappas, who is undoubtedly the company’s public face in the United States.

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