Duke Dennis Mugshot
Duke Dennis Mugshot

Duke Dennis Mugshot Arrest & Criminal Record: Is He In Jail?

Duke The media has seldom ever seen a mugshot of Dennis. How did he act? Learn more. Duke is a well-known YouTube twitcher and creator of American content. He is known for posting movies on the fake NBA 2K basketball video game.

2013 marked the start of his career as a twitcher. He created a YouTube channel and started uploading films about several fake basketball video games.

Duke Dennis Mugshot and Charges

Duke Because Dennis hit his wife, he was taken into custody and charged with first-degree assault. Later, he was charged with domestic abuse and sexual misconduct.

However, the creator of the YouTube video defended his actions and claimed that not everyone who is imprisoned is guilty. Duke was arrested and detained for some time. However, he is not currently incarcerated. He has returned and is presently Twitch broadcasting.

After being released from jail, the NBA 2K gamer commented about his detention on Twitch. He asserted that he had done nothing wrong and that these were simply accusations. He’d been detained a few times in his life before joining the Greenville Police Department.

Duke Dennis Mugshot
Duke Dennis Mugshot

Because he beat his wife, he was detained for the first time. For this, he was accused of first-degree violence. Later, he was charged with domestic abuse and sexual misconduct.

Is Duke Dennis Arrested & In Jail?

Duke was charged with three offenses. The first incident was a sexual assault on a minor, while the second involved domestic violence. Duke has claimed that he wasn’t responsible for the events because he was in high school at the time they occurred.

The third allegation, which hasn’t been given a name yet, appears to involve the military. Before switching to streaming full-time, Dennis was a member of the US Army. He and his cousin both participated in a shooting while he was in the military, according to his most recent Twitch streams.

According to the Greenville Police Department, Duke has been apprehended twice. He was detained twice—once for first-degree assault and again for domestic violence and sexual misconduct.

Duke Dennis Age & Height

Duke As of 2021, Dennis will be 27 years old. 1994 marked the year of his birth. He commits February 26th to memory as his birthday. Speaking about height, he is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Duke Dennis Net Worth 2022

Duke Dennis’s estimated net worth is $1 million to $5 million. Because of his fantastic films and passion for soccer, he has a significant following on YouTube. He has gained fame and a sizable sum of money from his work as a YouTuber.

Additionally, blazoners who purchase adverts to appear in his films pay him money. On YouTube, he has more than 1.35 million subscribers. Due to his large audience of subscribers and followers, he can earn money through paid collaborations and sponsorships.

Where Does He Live?

Dennis and his siblings reside in an opulent home. According to information on his brother’s Instagram and social media platforms, the YouTuber had just moved to South Carolina, USA.

Dennis’s Family & Girlfriend

Duke hasn’t disclosed any information about his parents when speaking of his family. There is no information available about his family or siblings. Duke could like to keep his family’s identity a secret. He does, however, have a sibling named Darius Dennis.

Duke is now single and without a relationship. Additionally, he has never been photographed with a girl. Duke respects his decision to keep his romantic life under wraps. He might, however, be concentrating on his career right now.

Meet Duke Dennis On Instagram

Duke Dennis has an Instagram account with the handle @dukedennis. He is active on his verified Instagram account, with 1.3 million followers and 14 posts. His Instagram page contains a photo of himself solely. In 2017, Dennis began importing NBA 2K films for Twitch and YouTube.

He also releases numerous commentary videos. He joined the team as a twitcher in 2013. He created a YouTube channel and began uploading screenshots from fictitious basketball video games. Duke can be found on Twitter under the handle @ImDukeDennis. 330.1k people follow his verified Twitter account, which has been confirmed.

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