Is Anya Taylor Joy Gay?
Is Anya Taylor Joy Gay?

Is Anya Taylor Joy Gay Or Not?

Neither gay nor queer describes Anya Taylor-Joy. Although it is well known that the Argentine-born actress has only ever had intimate relationships with males, her fans are still unsure of her sexual orientation.

Her title also knows Anya-Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy in the workplace. Anya Taylor-Joy is most recognized for her performance as Beth Harmon in the enduringly well-liked Netflix film The Queen’s Gambit.

Her potential sexuality has also been the subject of rumors because of this movie part. The celebrity actress’s sexuality and romantic history are covered in this article.

Is Anya Taylor Joy Queer?

Anya Taylor-Joy is not queer. People who are neither cisgender (someone whose sense of gender identity conforms to the person’s assigned gender at birth) nor heterosexual (someone who is sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex) are known as queer.

Is Anya Taylor Joy Gay Or Not?

As you will see in the paragraphs that follow, she has also made it clear that her preferred sexual partners are men who are the other sex.

Is Anya Taylor Joy Gay?

Anya has made it plain that she is neither homosexual nor lesbian and identifies as straight. It is safe to infer that the American-born Argentine-British actress is straight based on what she says about her sexuality and her relationship history.

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Some of her fans are still confused about whether she is gay or lesbian. This is why.

Anya Taylor Joy’s Most Well-known Acting Performance Was In A Movie As A Lesbian

She portrayed Beth Harmon, a bisexual character, in Anya Taylor-most Joy’s well-known film, The Queen’s Gambit. The Netflix series features a famous chess queen who must battle her demons.

In a world where men predominate, she struggles to survive as the champion while working with her sexuality and drug and alcohol addictions. However, she eventually meets and falls in love with Millie Brady’s portrayal of Cleo, a lesbian French model.

Beth, played by Anya, ultimately falls in love with Cleo immediately after meeting her, and they quickly begin dating. It didn’t take long for Anya Taylor’s fans to start wondering if she was bisexual or maybe even lesbian because of how well she portrayed the bisexual character.

Who Is The Boyfriend of Anya Taylor Joy Right Now?

According to rumors, Malcolm McRae, an American actor, musician, and The Queen’s Gambit, star, is currently dating. The two celebrities have been seen together on numerous occasions, even though she initially did not clarify what kind of relationship they had.


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Additionally, she disclosed that she was romantically involved with McRae and that they were deeply in love in an interview with British Vogue in March 2022.

Sometime around May 2021, Anya allegedly started dating McRae. A few days before she hosted Saturday Night Live on May 22, 2022, the two were seen hanging out, kissing, and holding hands.

After being spotted in Sydney on June 25, 2022, wearing an engagement ring made of diamonds, the famous actress speculated that she and McRae may have gotten engaged.

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