Netflix Reveals How They Plan to Stop Users From Sharing Their Accounts

After months of anticipation, Netflix has finally provided new information on their plans to crack down on account sharing soon.

The streaming service posted its updated FAQ describing how your account should and should not be shared, having previously indicated that it would start implementing the new strategy in March.

Netflix will soon ask customers to identify their primary location through their TV, which is one of the additional details. The business will utilize it to ensure that every user associated with a single account is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV.

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According to Netflix, if a user doesn’t manually set their preferred location via TV, Netflix will do so based on their IP address, device ID, and online activities.

Netflix will provide the primary user with a verification code if the account is accessed by someone not using the same Wi-Fi. Then, before it expires, they will have 15 minutes to approve it.

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