Ellie Goulding Husband

Who Is Ellie Goulding Husband, Caspar Jopling? How Long Have They Been Together?

Ellie Goulding, a pop star, has announced that she is eight months pregnant. The pandemic pregnancy surprised the 34-year-old singer and her 29-year-old spouse Caspar Jopling; it ‘was not the idea,’ she told Vogue.

“The thought of getting pregnant didn’t seem like it could be a reality,” she says, adding that she’s enjoying how her body has changed. “Becoming pregnant kind of made me feel human. I want a better word than womanly, [but]—I have curves I’ve never had before. I’m enjoying it. My husband’s enjoying it.”

At York Minster, Goulding and Jopling exchanged vows in August 2019. Goulding donned a gorgeous Chloe wedding dress for the cathedral ceremony, and the couple then celebrated with friends on the opulent grounds of adjacent Castle Howard.

“Being married is still just like being boyfriend and girlfriend with my husband. We’re like good mates,” Goulding told Heart Radio afterward.

She continued, “I think we’ll be in the honeymoon phase forever,” adding that they might “have a laugh.”

Goulding also discussed how much her life had changed after meeting Jopling with Fearne Cotton on the Happy Place podcast. The singer spoke candidly about her past attempts to manage her rage issues with professional assistance and how Jopling entered the picture.

She said, “I used to be much more irrational. I’ve had a lot of therapy and now I try to listen to people rather than talking all the time. I don’t come across as an angry person, but it’s definitely something I’ve had to work on for a long time.”

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“When I met Caspar, this anger thing just went away. At first it didn’t,” she continued. “I did that thing when you first meet someone you really like and you don’t show any of your bad traits. ‘I’d sit with my legs crossed and be really tidy and not swear. Now I’ve got a ring on it, I do whatever I want! But because he’s such a calm person, he helped me see things in a different way.”

“With Caspar, I instantly felt calmer,” she finished.

Despite not having the same level of popularity as Goulding, Jopling has some significant connections of his own, including a close friendship with Princess Eugenie, aristocratic ancestry, and a famous art dealer uncle in Jay Jopling.

From his creative Instagram to his perplexing proposal, it’s evident that Jopling is much more than what first meets the eye. Here is everything you need to know about Jopling, the man who calls himself “a dork” and seems to be in constant love with Goulding.

Who Is Ellie Goulding’s Husband, Caspar Jopling?

He is presently enrolled in Oxford to get an MBA. Before that, he was employed by New York’s Sotheby’s. He was raised in Yorkshire and attended Eton before enrolling at Harvard University to study film studies and the history of art and architecture. He raced internationally as a rower at Harvard, once representing Team GB at the Youth Olympics in 2010. Jopling had resumed rowing at Oxford, according to Goulding, who stated that he “had been rowing pretty much every single day since September.”

Ellie Goulding Husband
Ellie Goulding Husband

Goulding expressed his amusement at the initial headlines that mistook him for a professional athlete, adding, “People keep saying Caspar is a Team GB rower – it’s kind of got out of hand now, but we find it funny.”

Jopling thinks it amusing because his Twitter bio states that he is not an athlete.

After finishing university, he interned at Christie’s before committing to their rival, Sotheby’s in New York. He occasionally writes art reviews, and his name is recognized as an author in the Huffington Post.

He is Princess Eugenie’s close friend, which may be because his uncle Jay Jopling invested in Paddle8, the business where she formerly worked. In 2016, Jopling posted a photo of Princess Eugenie, who is involved in the art world, standing next to a “quite sensual” portrait during Art Basel in Miami.

How Long Have Ellie Goulding And Caspar Jopling Been Together?

In 2017, Jopling and Goulding began dating. On social media, he calls her Elena. On May 22, 2017, Jopling published a picture of Goulding on his own Instagram account. He captioned the image, “Weekend of art, Ricky Gervais and stodgy mushroom pate,” suggesting that the two had a romantic weekend together.

The couple hid in their Gloucestershire rural house during the outbreak. She said to Vogue, “I grew up in the country. “After moving here, I realized how crazy the previous 10 years [of my life] had been. Pulling things out of boxes has been an excellent rollercoaster for me as I realized how much I’d kept away, including furniture and trophies. I even located my old textbooks. This is the first location I’ve felt somewhat at home since beginning my job.

Jopling has accompanied Goulding to many high-profile occasions, including the 2017 amfAR gala, Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner’s wedding in Wyoming, and Princess Eugenie’s royal nuptials to Jack Brooksbank.

Goulding disclosed that Jopling moved to the American metropolis for “love” given that her employment with Sotheby’s was headquartered there. She said that she believed New York was “crazy” and “truly not for the faint-hearted” and did make it clear that the couple planned to relocate back to the UK.

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