Abigail Breslin Husband

Abigail Breslin Husband: Does Her Husband Have Any Children From Previous Relationships?

Abigail Breslin, an actress, and singer, recently tied the wedding with musician Ira Kunyansky. Even though the specifics of the wedding have not been disclosed as of yet, Breslin posted a picture of her engagement ring to Instagram along with the caption,

Who Is Abigail Breslin’s Husband, Ira Breslin?

On January 28th, 2023, Ira was legally wed to Abigail, making him her husband. In addition, Abigail commemorated the event on her Instagram profile by posting a picture of her engagement ring and wedding band along with the message, “Ya gal got married y’all.”

Abigail Breslin Husband

In 2017, Ira and Abigail were first seen together in a romantic capacity for the first time. The man married to Abigail is a Ukrainian-Jewish businessman who lives and works in Los Angeles.

In his Instagram bio, he calls himself a crypto enthusiast.

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The New England Patriots are a favorite team of Abigail’s husband. Nevertheless, he adores one thing more than the Patriots, and that is his wife, Abigail Breslin Husband.

Ira’s Instagram is full of loving posts dedicated to Abigail, from photos encouraging his followers to download songs from Abigail’s album Sophomore to pictures with Abigail at various movie premieres and Hollywood parties.

Ira also posted a photo encouraging his followers to download songs from Abigail’s album Sophomore.

Abigail’s husband is entirely devoted to assisting his wife in every situation!

Does Abigail’s Spouse Have Any Children From Previous Relationships?

It does not appear that Abigail and Ira have any children at this time (it is unknown if they have even had the opportunity to go on their honeymoon yet!).

Our current favorite Hollywood couple has not commented publicly about whether or not they plan to have children in the future, but hey, they’re still young!

(Abigail is just 26 years old, whereas Ira’s birthday has never been officially proven, but he is 32 years old.)

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