Is Smokey Robinson Gay?

Is Smokey Robinson Gay? Is He Married?

Whether or not legendary Motown vocalist Smoky Robinson is gay or straight is a question that has no clear answer.

Robinson has never been upfront about his private life or sexual orientation, but there has been a lot of conjecture over the years about whether he might be gay.

Some think that Marvin Gaye, a fellow Motown legend, and Robinson may have been long-term lovers, while others believe Robinson may have dated both men and women.

Regardless of his personal life, Robinson is one of the most accomplished and acclaimed musicians of all time, and his sexual orientation remains mostly a mystery.

Is Smokey Robinson Gay?

Concerns and disagreements abound regarding the singer’s sexual orientation.

Is Smokey Robinson Gay?

You might be astonished to learn that the famous musician has never fallen in love with a man, even though many believe he is drawn to them. However, your hero is not homosexual.

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Does Smokey Robinson Have A Wife And Kids?

Before this, he was married to Claudette Rogers, another member. Berry Robinson, the son of Motown founder Berry Gordy, was born in 1968, and Tamla Robinson, the daughter of the original Tamla label, was born in 1969, were their two children.

Smokey Robinson’s ex-wife Claudette Rogers recently turned 78 years old. On her birthday, Smokey asked her husband to assist her in posing for a photo with her kids and grandchildren.

They all seemed to be in excellent spirits as they entered the lobby of a Los Angeles polo bar. Smokey Robinson and Claudette Robinson were wed from 1959 to 1986.

In addition to having two children individually, they also have two children jointly. Claudette sued him in 2014 because she was entitled to 50% of the profits if he regained ownership of his songs, such as “My Girl” and “You’ve Got a Hold on Me.”

Is Smokey Robinson Married?

The singer Smokey Robinson is not wed.

From 1959 through 1986, Smokey Robinson was wed to Claudette Rogers, his first wife. While having an affair, he fathered a child with his wife, and they also had two other kids. Smokey frequently appears in photos with his kids and grandkids.

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