Dave Portnoy Ex Wife
Dave Portnoy Ex Wife

Who Is Dave Portnoy Ex Wife, Renee Portnoy?

In Swampscott, Massachusetts, Portnoy was raised. He had a bar mitzvah and is Jewish. He attended Swampscott High School, where he shared a class with Todd McShay of ESPN, who also happened to share the same birthday as Portnoy.

In 1995, he enrolled at the University of Michigan, where he eventually earned a degree in education. Portnoy started thegamblingman.com while he was a student at Michigan, where he posted his sports betting predictions.

Who Is David Portnoy’s Ex-Wife Renee Portnoy?

Renee Satterthwaite, sometimes known as Renee Portnoy, is an equestrian born in the United States and is now well-known on social media.

Fans have dubbed Renee the “First Lady of Barstool Nation” since she assisted her ex-husband in growing his multinational business online.

The entrepreneur, 33, was born and reared in Abington, Massachusetts.

Renee began working at a company specializing in animal supplements after graduating from Boston University with a business and international relations degree.

Dave Portnoy Ex Wife
Dave Portnoy Ex Wife

She has supported foster animal shelters for a long time and generates money to care for abandoned animals.

Renee and David got married in 2009 after becoming engaged in 2008. Renee oversaw David’s corporate dealings when they were married for nine years.

The couple broke up in 2017 after news of David’s liaison with Jordyn Hamilton surfaced in the media.

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What Is David Portnoy’s Tape Leak?

Recently, a video of Dave Portnoy, the CEO of Barstool Sports, carrying a leash that was fastened to a blonde woman’s dog collar was exposed on social media.

In the footage, Portnoy can be seen holding the woman’s face with one hand and twisting her neck around by the leash. When and how the video was shot are unknown as to how it leaked.

It was determined that the blonde woman was Instagram model Sydney Raines. Raines, a model and Instagram influencer from Atlanta, Georgia, is 22 years old. On Instagram, she has over 10,000 followers.

What Did Sydney Raines Say About The Tape Leak?

Following the disclosure of the video, Raines posted an Instagram message in which she clarified that she and Portnoy remained friends and that she “intends to continue her daily life without vexation.”

“Some might not approve of the video content, but it was entirely consensual, and, unfortunately, it is no longer private,” Raines wrote on Instagram, “but [Portnoy and I] are still friends with no animosity between us.”

She added, “I won’t label this a mistake since we have both taken responsibility for it. But the fact that it was leaked and posted without our awareness or consent would be considered the true mistake.”

On the other hand, Portnoy responded to the footage in a video posted on Twitter after Penn National Gaming, the business that owns Barstool, saw a decline in stock price.

“A stock is down because somebody has consensual sex? Are you f****** kidding me? I f***. Who cares?”

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