Lily Collins Ex Boyfriends
Lily Collins Ex Boyfriends

Lily Collins Ex Boyfriends: Her Complete Dating History Before Marrying Husband Charlie McDowell

On Netflix’s Emily in Paris, Lily Collins has no issue portraying a lady who is lonely and eager to date; nevertheless, the veteran actress is happily married to her husband, Charlie McDowell, in real life. That being said, Lily has had several significant relationships and flings with A-list celebrities throughout her career in Hollywood, including Zac Efron, Chris Evans, Jamie Campbell Bower, and others.

Nevertheless, the Guildford, UK native met Charlie, the guy of her dreams, and they were married in September 2021. In an interview with Nylon published in October of that same year, Lily commented, “It’s so great to be able to finally say that I’m a wife, [but] sometimes it makes me feel very old.”

Their wedding was like something from a fairy tale! Lily and Charlie exchanged vows in Dunton, Colorado’s Dunton Hot Springs. It strongly reminded me of England’s forested hills and rolling countryside. We wanted to lean into it because we both have dual citizenship, the Love, Rosie star confessed.

Lily and Charlie have a solid professional relationship in addition to their affection. The two collaborated on the upcoming Netflix movie Windfall. The youngest daughter of Phil Collins remarked, “I was genuinely astonished that I was able to separate him as a director and also as a fiancé truly. The ability to rely on one another at work and to take a break from it at home by watching a show and tuning out was so enjoyable and collaborative.

Lily reaffirmed her comfort level with Charlie in a later November 2021 interview with Vogue Australia. “I must admit, I anticipated it would be more difficult. The Blind Side alum said, “I assumed having to work with him would be more difficult, but it was fantastic and liberated.

“It was fantastic, and I’m so pleased with both the movie and him. For me, it’s a new kind of position, Lily continued. Honestly, working together was a breeze. I would lose track of who it was.

The actress disclosed a terrible relationship with a prior partner who mistreated her and called her derogatory names. On the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast, Lily said, “For me, my toxic romantic relationship was verbal and emotional abuse and being made to feel very small.”

“He would refer to me as Little Lily… She went on to say that the relationship gave her “panic” and “anxiety,” adding that he would call her a whore and use disgusting language about what she was wearing.


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There were terrible remarks, and then there were words to belittle,” Lily said. I became quiet and at ease, feeling as though I had to shrink to feel extremely safe.

Even though Lily and Charlie are happily married, the Inheritance star noted that “the circumstances are very different now than they were ten years ago. Even if I’m in the healthiest relationship, there might be a time that occurs throughout the day when history comes back like that; the speaker continued, “That panic is what I can still get triggered by.”

Thankfully, Lily is with Charlie, who is so kind and encouraging. With my beautiful and supportive hubby by my side, we talk and communicate about so much now,” she said.

View the gallery below to discover more about Lily Collins’ past relationships.

Taylor Lautner

According to Us Weekly, Collins and Taylor Lautner met while filming “Abduction” in 2010 and soon after began dating. Collins and Lautner didn’t last long; they broke up one week before “Abduction” debuted, which made things “awkward,” a source told Us Weekly. Lautner graciously said that he and Collins clicked immediately away.

Zac Efron

Lily Collins Ex Boyfriends: Her Complete Dating History Before Marrying Husband Charlie McDowell

According to Us Weekly, Collins dated Zac Efron for three months in 2012. Although their relationship was allegedly casual, Efron acknowledged that he had trouble dating, telling Us Weekly, “I suppose you have to be cautious of that sort of thing all the time. I take each day as it comes since it is a brand-new experience.” However, it appears that the two are still amicable because they later starred together in the 2019 film “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.”

Jamie Campbell Bower

In July 2012, Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower began dating while filming “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.” From there, their relationship was somewhat of a roller coaster, according to Us Weekly. The publication claims that the couple split in August 2013 and then got back together in 2015 before calling it quits that same year.

Nick Jonas

According to Us Weekly, Collins and Nick Jonas were spotted on a few dates in 2016, including a super-cute night at a bowling alley. Even if that didn’t work out, Jonas soon met Priyanka Chopra, who would become his wife.

Charlie McDowell

We didn’t know that Collins and Charlie McDowell were dating until Collins shared a sweet Instagram photo with him in August 2019. Since then, the couple has been seen going on hikes, watching basketball games, and generally living happily ever after. Collins and McDowell became engaged over more than a year. A year later, they got married.

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