Lily Collins Husband
Lily Collins Husband

Who Is Lily Collins Husband? How Did They Meet?

It makes sense that viewers might be curious about your love life when you are the leader of a program set in the world’s most romantic city. However, Lily Collins, who plays Emily in Paris, is far too grounded about love to proclaim it loudly.

“No relationship is greater than the one I have with myself,” the 32-year-old Emmy nominee wrote in her 2017 memoir/self-help book, Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me. “Can’t look to someone else to be my everything or rely on them to make me feel whole.” However, while professing her complete contentment with singledom, she also added optimistically, “There is someone out there who will show me what real, honest love is. They will respect and accept me for me and won’t make me feel less than. In order to find that person and truly let them in, first I must believe in myself and know my own value…I deserve happiness. I deserve to be loved just as I love others. I deserve everything.”

Collins received “everything” she deserved in September 2020 when her boyfriend, Charlie McDowell, proposed while driving through the American Southwest. They got married in the teeny-tiny town of Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado, a year after they had returned to the Southwest. Please continue reading to learn more about their romance and Collins’ previous relationships.

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Who Is Lily Collins’ Husband?

The One I Love, a 2014 independent thriller directed and written by McDowell and starring Elisabeth Moss, Mark Duplass, and McDowell’s real-life stepfather Ted Danson, is his most well-known work. (More on their relationship in a moment!) Around 2019, Collins and McDowell secretly began dating.

In August of the same year, she suggested their relationship when she posted the caption “Always had your back” next to a picture of her resting her head on his back while keeping his face disguised on an Instagram account that has since been removed. (Fun fact: Collins was filming the first season of her Netflix sensation Emily in Paris when the photo was taken in Paris.)

Lily Collins Husband
Lily Collins Husband

Collins and the 38-year-old McDowell are both from the entertainment industry. Her mother is American actress Jill Tavelman and her father is British musician Phil Collins; the couple divorced when Collins was only five years old.

In terms of McDowell, his mother is Oscar-winning actress Mary Steenburgen, and his father is Malcolm McDowell from the film A Clockwork Orange. Steenburgen married Danson in 1990, five years after they divorced, and they are still together.

How Did Lily Collins And Charlie Mcdowell Meet?

The Daily Mail claims that they first connected on the set of Gilded Rage, a forthcoming film that he directed and she featured in, as so many director-actor pairings do. Collins told the UK’s Mirror that she knew she wanted to be her future husband the moment she met him.

How Did Charlie McDowell Propose To Lily Collins?

During a road trip to New Mexico, the two reportedly enjoyed the grandeur of the mountains and the desert when McDowell proposed, according to Collins’ Instagram. She captioned several engagement images with “I’ve been waiting my life for you, and I can’t wait to spend our lifetime together,” describing the occasion as “the greatest joy I’ve ever felt.”

Collins claims that while knowing she would one day marry McDowell, the significant proposal nonetheless came as a huge shock. Shortly after McDowell proposed last year on Live With Kelly and Ryan, she stated that “I was shocked as to when and where it would happen.”


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McDowell reportedly spent $100,000 on the engagement ring, a square diamond band set in yellow gold designed especially for the pair by renowned Hollywood jeweler Irene Neuwirth. Collins referred to it as her “favorite new item.”

When Did Lily Collins And Charlie McDowell Get Married?

On September 4, 2021, Collins and McDowell said, “I do.” I’ve never wanted to be someone’s someone more than I do yours, and now I get to be your wife, Collins wrote on Instagram just before their big day. On September 4, 2021, we formally became one another for all time. You have my undying affection, Charlie McDowell. They continued their advertising by taking a honeymoon in Scandinavia, she revealed on Instagram.

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