Jesse Lee Peterson Gay

Is Jesse Lee Peterson Gay Living A Secret Life?

Most anti-gay and anti-LGBTQ talking heads always seem to hide some skeletons just waiting to be revealed. Jesse Lee Peterson, a pastor at Manosphere, may be the ideal illustration of that.

Is Jesse Lee Peterson Gay Living A Secret Life?

Jesse Lee Peterson is the poster boy Black guy for white conservatism and the far-right. He rejects the notion of white privilege, opposes Black people using government benefits, and, most importantly, detests homosexuality.

For Patterson, the time has come for the chickens to come home to roost.

Jesse Lee Peterson Gay

Two former male colleagues of Peterson, according to The Daily Beast, claim they had same-sex interactions with him.

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The Daily Beast has not supported the charges against the pastor. Because Church Militant, an extreme right-wing Catholic website, published a 30-minute probe on Patterson titled Amazing Disgrace, Peterson’s “hidden life” came under discussion.

In the video, two men who identified as Peterson’s same-sex partners were interviewed by Church Militant.

Rooney reveals everything about Peterson throughout the interview. According to The Daily Beast, the two have been working together for years.

Rooney believes Peterson made a sexual advance on him in 2005. Rooney told the website, “The next thing you know, he’s pulling his clothes off.”

In addition, he asserts that following the initial incident, he had a 10-year sexual connection with Peterson, which terminated when he admitted the relationship to his wife.

Rooney could not back up his assertions with tapes, emails, or text message receipts. Rooney told The Daily Beast that Jesse Lee Peterson is “a very brilliant person;

he’s a sly person.” “He won’t exclude a lot of irrelevant evidence regarding what he does,”

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