Is Stolen Youth A True Story?
Is Stolen Youth A True Story?

Is Stolen Youth A True Story? The Real Story Behind It

The new Hulu documentary series Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawerence explores Larry Ray’s unscrupulous exploitation of a group of Sarah Lawerence students.

After the case was made public in 2019, thanks to a feature article in New York Magazine, Ray was sentenced to 60 years for s*x trafficking, extortion, conspiracy, and forced labor last month.

The three-part documentary presents first-person accounts of Ray’s attack over a ten-year period.

What Is The Story Behind Stolen Youth: Inside The Cult At Sarah Lawrence?

The first-person accounts of Larry Ray’s ten-year terror campaign and abuse of a group of Sarah Lawrence College students in New York are told in the book Stolen Youth.

During the autumn 2010 semester, Ray, a former financial advisor who had recently been released from prison, paid a visit to his daughter Talia at Sarah Lawrence and promptly began dozing off on the couch.

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During his visit, Larry Ray made close friends with her daughter and her friends and gained their trust.

After a few months, he convinced his daughter and several of her friends to move into his Upper East Side one-bedroom flat, where he began to lay the groundwork for a cult by physically torturing, isolating, and forcing confessions with love bombs and other techniques.

He captured audio and visual evidence of his interactions with them, including coercing one victim into performing sex acts for nearly five years. According to reports, Ray received around $1.7 million of her earnings.

Who Are Larry Ray’s Victims?

Talia’s friends, Daniel Levin, Isabella Pollok, and Claudia Drury, knew she had a solid relationship with her father when they moved into the Slonim Woods 9 apartments during her sophomore year at Sarah Lawrence.

Finally, Santos introduced his sisters Felicia and Yalitza Rosario to Ray. Larry used grooming and brainwashing techniques to control the small group of friends.

Is Stolen Youth A True Story? The Real Story Behind It

He allegedly started dating Felicia, made her engage in s*x with unrelated individuals, and coerced Claudia into having s*x.

Ray physically and verbally assaulted Yalitza, Santos, and Daniel. There are rumors that Isabella supported Ray’s suffering and gave him support along the road.

Even though some victims, like Yalitza and Daniel, managed to escape Larry’s terror by 2016, others remained until his capture in 2020.

How Was Larry Ray Taken Into Custody?

In 2019, a piece detailing Ray’s crimes that included statements from the victims and their families was published in New York Magazine. Several months later, in February 2020, the FBI arrested him.

In April 2022, Ray was convicted on several counts, including extortion, s*x trafficking, and racketeering. According to New York Magazine, he was sentenced to 60 years in jail in January 2023.

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