Are Rodney And Desiry Still Together
Are Rodney And Desiry Still Together

Are Rodney And Desiry Still Together On ‘Marrying Millions’?

Fans are curious about the status of the relationships of the Marrying Millions actors even if Season 2 has just resumed. Fans want to know if Rodney and Desiry, one of the most contentious couples, are still together because they have been rather quiet recently.

Rodney And Desiry Seem Like A Dream Couple, But ‘Marrying Millions’ Fans Have Other Theories!

Rodney and Desiry appear to be the perfect couple. Rodney is the CEO of Edelheiss Wine, a multimillion-dollar wine firm, and Desiry works for a charity that supports wounded warriors and their families. Both have high moral standards and are committed to demonstrating their worth to one another. Rodney even covers Desiry’s expenses.

The fact that they are essentially a long-distance couple is one of the main concerns fans have about their relationship. Rodney is typically found on the east coast, while Desiry is from Los Angeles. Not only is that a long journey, but there is also a time difference of at least a few hours to consider in a relationship. FaceTime and sporadic visits have kept their romance alive, but Rodney wants Desiry to move to the east coast.

Are Rodney And Desiry Still Together

Desiry has also stood her ground regarding her entirely fair demand that they get intimate before marriage. Fans have been speculating whether this will further complicate their relationship because they have already discussed intimacy issues before the wedding bells ring.

Fans’ biggest worry, though, is that Rodney might be gay, a theory that is mainly based on the man’s unwillingness to discuss his two-year engagement with his friends and family. This would be OK in a new relationship to work things out, but after two years, it’s more than a little suspect.

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Are Rodney And Desiry Still Together?

They seem still together, but trouble has continued to brew in paradise. Previously on Marrying Millions, Rodney has been confirmed to have cheated on Desiry (yikes!), but now it looks like the identity of the person he cheated with might be revealed. Fans and cast members think Patrice could be the woman Rodney cheated with.

“Do you think Patrice is the woman Rodney cheated with?! Don’t miss #MarryingMillions tomorrow at 10/9c,” said lifetimetv’s official account on Instagram.

Rodney’s boyhood buddy Patrice Ellis has appeared, seemingly out of the blue. Fans are very divided on whether or not she is the mystery woman, even though she has spent a lot of time with him and is someone he knows well. Some are more worried about Desiry getting wounded again, while some are convinced that Rodney isn’t into women in general.

The following episodes of Marrying Millions will reveal more, so viewers must wait and find out. Maybe now we’ll discover who Rodney cheated on… and why! Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime, catch new episodes of Marrying Millions or catch up on all the drama on, Hulu, or Discovery+.

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