Lauren Ash Weight Loss She Bravely Battled With Severe Illness and Weight Loss Criticism!
Lauren Ash Weight Loss She Bravely Battled With Severe Illness and Weight Loss Criticism!

Lauren Ash Weight Loss: She Bravely Battled With Severe Illness and Weight Loss Criticism!

Lauren Ash is talking about her challenging journey to better health and telling people not to judge.

On Tuesday, the Superstore actress wrote on Instagram that she had emergency surgery five years ago to remove cysts. She showed two photos of herself, one from before and one after the event.

“The pic on the left was taken 5 years ago today. I had to have an emergency surgery for recurrent cysts on my right ovary due to #pcos,” she began the post.

“This came just 6 months after my first surgery for cysts on that same ovary. The cysts had gotten so big, I was in constant, daily pain. There was a risk the cysts would twist (torsion) which can be fatal. So I spent the night in the emergency room and first thing in the morning, I was taken to an operating room.”

She said she doesn’t remember filming an episode of Superstore because she had just had surgery five days before.

“My pain meds made me sleepy so I filmed without pain relief,” she recalled. “All I remember from those days is the searing pain I was in. They had to make me a new Dina uniform because my body was still full of gas from the laparoscopic surgery and my clothes didn’t fit.”

Ash said she wanted to talk about her story to tell her followers not to comment on other people’s bodies because “you probably don’t know the whole story.”

“For now, I remember that day 5 years ago that was absolutely terrifying and I am so happy that my body is so strong and healthy today,” she added.

“And for everyone making assumptions about my weight loss, accusing me of secret lipo and all sorts of madness, just stop. I am a person who lives with chronic illness. It can take years or a lifetime to get chronic illnesses in line. And I have. It’s a major accomplishment in my life. I didn’t go on a diet. And when I’ve tried to explain publicly, I’ve been called a liar. So just remember, you never know what someone is going through behind closed doors. My personal motto is ‘I never regret choosing kindness’. And I recommend it to all.”

She ended her post by saying, “I like this photo side by side because I like seeing how clear and bright my eyes are now in comparison. I wish I could give me from 5 years ago a big hug. And I also like reminding myself how different your life can be in 5 years. Anything is possible.”

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Ash got support from her peers in the industry in her comments section. Workin’ Moms star Ryan Belleville wrote, “This is so incredible. I can’t believe you had to go through all this, and so awesome to share so others going through the same know.”

America Ferrera also said, “So grateful you feel healthy and good!!” Just last month, Ash talked about being told that because she had lost weight, she was no longer a role model.”

“You know what’s fun? When you’re living in a larger body, people post that they’re concerned for your health,” she said at the start of an Instagram post she made in May.

“Then, when you transition into a smaller body, people post that they’re concerned for your health. Starting to feel like there’s no winning as a woman.”

The host of the podcast True Crime and Cocktails also said that she has “always” loved her body, no matter what size it was.

“I’m more confident and happier than ever before in my life and I enjoy commemorating that with fashion posts and all that fun stuff,” she said.

“If you don’t like it, and it’s upsetting to you, please unfollow, and no need to inform me that you did. I honestly never expected the vitriol I’ve experienced over the past week simply because I’ve lost weight. You have no ownership over my body. Nor do you over any person in the public eye. And honestly? Would you ever tell a man he was no longer a role model because he lost weight? Exactly.”

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