When Did Tiger Woods and Erica Herman Break Up
When Did Tiger Woods and Erica Herman Break Up

When Did Tiger Woods and Erica Herman Break Up?

Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers in history, but he is often in the news for things that happen outside of the course.

For example, his longtime girlfriend Erica Herman is taking him to court over a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about the alleged breakup of the couple, including details about the NDA in question and more.

When Did Tiger Woods and Erica Herman Start Dating?

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman Break Up

Tiger and Erica first told people about their relationship in September 2017 at the Presidents Cup in Jersey City, New Jersey. During their time together, the Florida native was often on the golf course while Tiger played.

Erica couldn’t stop talking about Tiger’s return to the Master’s Tour in April 2022. This was after his single-car accident in February 2021, which hurt both legs badly and led to multiple surgeries for the golf champion.

Erica told Golf.com at the time, “I mean, nothing ever surprises me about him,” “But he’d just worked so hard to be here, that was the one thing I knew: once he got here, he wasn’t going to go home.”

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When Did Tiger Woods and Erica Herman Break Up?

The New York Post says restaurant owner Erica Herman met Tiger Woods in 2015. At the time, she worked in a bar and attended school at the University of Central Florida.

Soon after, she was asked to run Tiger’s restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, which opened that same year.

After Tiger broke up with his ex-girlfriend Kristin Smith in 2017, he and Erica went on a date in Jersey City in September to let everyone know they were dating.

Since 2017, Erica has been with Tiger, especially after his terrible car accident in 2021.

Erica went to many of Tiger’s golf tournaments but hasn’t been seen with him since August 2022, when they both went to the U.S. Open tennis tournament.

But it’s said that they stayed together until October 2022, when they broke up quietly. Or at least, that’s what’s been said up until now.

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