Endless Summer Vacation
Endless Summer Vacation

Riding the Waves of Change: Miley Cyrus Brave New Album Endless Summer Vacation

Endless Summer Vacation by Miley Cyrus is the ideal way to say goodbye to troubled pasts and hello to fresh beginnings. By focusing on the independence angle while thinking back on previous relationships and finally accepting the heartbreak while embracing fresh love for herself and others, Cyrus capitalizes on the independence theme that the enlightened divorce bop “Flowers” teased.

The pop star’s eighth studio album is as much a declaration of moving forward as a sophisticated synthesis of her artistic legacy. Moments of flawless, current-day radio pop are interspersed with country, psychedelic rock, and synths from the 1980s.

The end effect is a powerful aesthetic statement that is as clear-eyed and concentrated as Cyrus appears to have been in her thirties. Here are some of my main ideas and observations about Endless Summer Vacation.

It’s not an essential record of divorce
Cyrus’ more blunt sentiments regarding the dissolution of her marriage to her longtime beau Liam Hemsworth were found in Plastic Hearts (and the one-off kiss-off song “Slide Away”).

As she says in “Jaded,” the two had been “through hell” together, going through on-and-off engagements, a terrible home fire, and, finally, a tumultuous marriage that ended sooner than either of them had imagined.

Some assumed Cyrus was working on an album-length evaluation of her marriage that would prove even harsher than her previous releases after hearing “Flowers” and the countless fan interpretations of all the potentially dubious references to Hemsworth’s supposed adultery.

While there are poignant break-up moments on Endless Summer Vacation, such as when Cyrus sings, “You smell like perfume that I didn’t purchase” on the visceral “Muddy Feet,” she is firmly in the present and content with her current situation.

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The album features Cyrus’ new boyfriend and focuses on developing romance and intimacy

For most of the tracks on Endless Summer Vacation, Cyrus steers clear of all the “Flowers” discussion and instead focuses on love and s*x. As the second single, “River,” demonstrates, the songs are humming with the anticipation of finding new love and ending romantic and s*xual dry spells.

Other songs, such as “Rose Colored Lenses,” “You,” and “Violet Chemistry,” are drenched in the euphoria of finding a new lover who makes you feel as though you’re the only two people in the world.

To take it a step further, Cyrus even co-wrote a couple of these new songs with her most recent boyfriend, who is probably the source of the album’s more upbeat tunes.

Maxx Morando, a musician recognized as a writer and producer on the songs “Handstand” and “Violet Chemistry,” has accompanied her as she walks the red carpet.

The features are surprisingly subdued

Many people anticipated big-voiced sing-offs between the stars when it was announced that Brandi Carlile and Sia would be included on the album. Instead, Sia and Carlile each contribute stunning harmonies and ad-libs to their songs, keeping Cyrus in the spotlight.

In the credits, Cyrus’ obvious vision is never overshadowed by her more unexpected colleagues, such as the director Harmony Korine (“Handstand”), James Blake (“Violet Chemistry”), and Greg Kurstin (“Jaded”).

Endless Summer Vacation

Cyrus is oddly more authentic when she lets herself be all creative versions of herself at once

Since her time at Disney, Cyrus has wildly alternated between various musical genres and outspoken political remarks. She has always jumped in a while, creating a new version of herself and letting go of her past. Endless Summer Vacation ebbs and flows in perfect harmony, feeling like a pure distillation of her discography.

While drawing inspiration from Nashville, the forward-thinking pop production by Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson keeps the sound consistent and leaves enough room for returning collaborators like Mike Will Made-It to bring something fresh to the table with Cyrus. Cyrus has never had a more focused approach to her music. She is shooting to kill this time.

Disney Twitted on Twitter,Welcome home. Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation (#BackyardSessions), an Original special, is streaming at 1 pm ET/10 am PT on March 10, only on @DisneyPlus.”

This album’s primary focus is Miley, above all else

Each song’s central figure is a resolutely independent Miley Cyrus, who thoughtfully considers what it means to be your partner. Songs like “Thousand Miles,” “Island,” and “Wonder Woman” focus explicitly on the difficulties of acting as your support system: both the sadness that frequently drives you to that realization and the freedom and relief that follow.

And unlike her earlier songs about connection and love, Cyrus generally shuns the self-loathing and reliance of those earlier works. She doesn’t display herself as a warning sign as in most Plastic Hearts; instead, she subtly emphasizes that only the resilient will survive.

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