Coko Fbaby Daddy
Coko Fbaby Daddy

The Complex Relationship Of Coko From SWV’s Baby Daddy Amd More

Sisters With Voices (SWV) lead vocalist Coko Clemons has a distinguished and fruitful career in the music business. She is highly recognized for singing songs like “Weak” and “Rain” and for having a powerful voice.

On the other side, Coko’s private life has drawn much interest, notably her relationship with her baby’s father, who has been a constant source of controversy and drama. This piece will examine Coko’s complex relationship with SWV’s biological father.

When Did Coko Clemons Born And Raise?

Cheryl Elizabeth Gamble, better known as Coko Clemons, became well-known in the 1990s as the lead vocalist of SWV. The quartet, which also featured Leanne Lyons and Tamara Johnson, was among the most popular R&B acts of the decade.

Their songs combined gospel, hip-hop, and soul influences topped the charts, and won them a devoted following.

Coko Fbaby Daddy

Behind the scenes, Coko’s private life was anything from ideal. She had two children with her partner, with whom she had a turbulent relationship.

Years of secrecy about the father’s identity finally led to the identification of Jazz, a rapper, and producer from the band Dru Hill.

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Is Coko Clemons And Jazz In A Relationship? Does Coko Clemons Have Any Kids?

Jazz and Coko’s relationship was never easy. Jazz cheated on Coko early in their relationship, making things difficult for the couple. Despite this, the pair persisted in their relationship, and Coko eventually gave birth to Jazz Jr., the couple’s first child.

When Coko learned that Jazz had cheated on her once more, this time with a close friend, their relationship hit another snag.

Coko was devastated by the betrayal, and they broke up. But finally, they made amends, and Coko gave birth to their daughter Kirsten, their second child.

The on-again, off-again nature of the couple’s relationship remained a source of drama and contention.

Outward arguments and accusations frequently marked Jazz and Coko’s relationship, and it was widely believed that Jazz had cheated on Coko several times.

Despite this, Coko and Jazz continued being involved in each other’s lives by co-parenting their kids and sharing reality TV screens.

Coco Announced She Was Divorcing Her Jazz After 15 Years!

The turbulent affair between Coko and Jazz eventually ended, but its effects lingered on both of them. Coko stated in 2018 that she was divorcing Mike Clemons, her husband of 15 years. The pair had one child together and had been married since 2003.

Fans of the pair were shocked by the divorce because it had seemed like they had a solid marriage. However, Coko said that her choice to split from Mike was partially influenced by the constant conflict and anxiety brought on by her union with Jazz.

Jazz’s relationship with Coko has had adverse effects on him as well. In 2019, he spoke about his drug issues and said he had been sober for four years. He also discussed the challenges of co-parenting with Coko, adding, “It’s not easy, but we have to do it for our children. We must set aside our difficulties and concentrate on becoming excellent parents.”

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