Is Tami Roman Sick
Is Tami Roman Sick

Is Tami Roman Sick? Details On Her Recent Weight Loss!

The Real World was where many famous people got their start. After her first appearance on Season 2 of the MTV reality shows Queer Eye, Tami Roman became a big star, just like Karamo Brown. After almost 20 years, the reality TV veteran is always on TV.

She made her debut on the first season of Haus of Vicious on BET on August 17, 2022. Fans noticed that she seems to have lost a lot of weight, so much so that some people think the reality star may be sick.

Is Tami Roman Sick? Details On Her Recent Weight Loss!

Tami has heard rumors about how she lost weight recently. In an interview with EurWeb, she told her fans that she is not sick and hasn’t had surgery to lose weight. Tami said her weight changes because she has been unhappy with her body for years.

“I’m extremely thin because that’s what I felt I had to be in order to be beautiful and every day is a challenge,” the Haus of Vicious star told the outlet. She described her relationship with weight loss as an “obsession.”

Tami added, “People have seen my weight fluctuate up and down, heavier, thinner, even on Unfaithful and Haus of Vicious, you’ll see me heavy and then thin again.”

Is Tami Roman Sick

However, Tami’s weight loss isn’t always intentional. She revealed that diabetes also plays a significant role. “Today at 50 years old, I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my weight fluctuates with that.”

“You couple that with the disorder and it’s a hard thing to manage. People don’t understand what it is to be a person with this disorder, particularly dealing with the weight issues.”

Tami has been honest about her struggle with her weight before. In 2008, it was found that the actress had body dysmorphic disorder. Tami has said before that she has had trouble with food ever since she was a teenager.

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Tami Roman Previously Opened Up About Her Struggle With Body Dysmorphic Disorder!

In late 2021, Tami told the hosts of The Real the truth about how she got her eating disorder. Tami says it all began when she was 13 and went to a modeling agency in New York City. The “Basketball Wives” star said“So a lot of people don’t know it’s either hereditary or genetic or comes from a negative experience where your self-image has been annihilated.”

The second reason caused Tami’s body dysmorphic disorder. Tami remembered how a modeling agent put her in front of a mirror and told her, “‘You’ve got back folds. You’ve got fat over your knees. You need to do something with your chin. Your breasts are sagging.’”

“And I went home that night and from that moment, every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I could find something wrong with myself,” Tami said. After the traumatic event, Tami did everything she could to stay thin.

We think you’re pretty, Tammy, for what it’s worth.

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