Why Did Jenni And Roger Divorce
Why Did Jenni And Roger Divorce

Why Did JWoww And Roger Get Divorce? She Has Already Moved On From Her Marriage!

The focus of Jersey Shore Family Vacation is the characters who viewers first fell in love with on Jersey Shore and their wild lives.

Today, however, it also involves the turmoil in their personal lives, including the separation of Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Roger Mathews.

The program has gone to length regarding their issues and final split, and JWoww has been able to be as honest as she can about everything.

JWoww has now formally ended her marriage and has moved on. Yet showgoers who only watch the show and ignore the real-life drama between seasons might wonder why JWoww and Roger split up.

It wasn’t as easy as growing apart, and Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s third season will probably continue to explore it.

Why Did JWoww And Roger Get Divorce?

After nearly three years of marriage, JWoww filed for divorce in September 2018. Irreconcilable disputes, according to court documents obtained by the Asbury Park Press of New Jersey, were the basis for the filing.

According to JWoww’s complaint, their marital problems “caused the marriage breakdown for at least six months, which makes it appear that the marriage should be dissolved and that there is no prospect of reconciliation.”

Why Did Jenni And Roger Divorce

JWoww and Roger continued to have highly public social media arguments after their separation and ultimate divorce, both against one another and through hazy Instagram postings.

Due to an idea, they had at home in December 2018, Jenni was given a temporary restraining order against Roger.

And then, in April 2019, JWoww posted an Instagram story that called out Roger for using one of his weekends with their shared children to go out with friends instead.

JWoww Has Already Moved On From Her Marriage!

Even though the dissolution of Jenni and Roger’s marriage and the subsequent divorce processes were such a shambles, Jenni managed to move on.

In reality, she introduced her roommates to Zack Carpinello, whom they affectionately dubbed “24” because of his age at the time, which was several years younger than JWoww’s, in the first half of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3.

JWoww and Zack are still going strong despite a snag when Zack was accused of getting too near to fellow Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick while they were all at a club together. Things are even better because Zack shared an Instagram video of himself developing a relationship with JWoww’s youngster in February 2020.

Pauly D And JWoww Could Get Together On ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation.’

Although if JWoww and Zack are getting along well and she has been able to completely get past her divorce and Roger, it’s possible that the second half of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3’s production gave rise to another problem in her relationship.

JWoww and Pauly D are shown getting close in the season teaser, and they hint at having unrequited affection for one another.

It appears that JWoww has moved on from Zack and is content creating a new life with him. But anything can happen because of her lengthy relationship with her Jersey Shore castmates.

The good news is that JWoww and Roger have both moved on, and their divorce is now final.

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