Justine Bateman Husband
Justine Bateman Husband

Who Is Justine Bateman Husband? How Many Kids Do They Have?

The actress who most fans will recognize as Mallory Keaton from the classic sitcom “Family Ties” from the 1980s is currently a writer, producer, and director who is also a mother to two kids.

The banker Mark Fuent is the spouse of the actress Justine Bateman; before getting hitched to him in 2001, she had various relationships with many well-known performers and musicians.

Justine Bateman, the older sister of actor Jason Bateman, was born in California on February 19, 1966. She is the daughter of film producer Kent Bateman.

Despite being three years younger than his sister, Jason began his career in “Little House on the Prairie” in 1982. A year later, Justine was cast as Mallory Keaton alongside Michael J. Fox in “Family Ties.”

After “Family Ties,” Justine successfully navigated the challenging shift from teen actress to adult actress. She has since appeared in films and popular TV shows like “Men in Trees,” “Desperate Housewives,” and “Californication.”

“Violet,” a 2022 film directed by Justine and starring Olivia Munn, Justin Theroux, and Luke Bracey, was released. Justine withdrew from the public eye to focus on her family after her marriage in 2001 and the birth of her children.

Justine Bateman’s Dating History Includes Several Big Names

As Justine had dated numerous of Hollywood’s sexiest leading men and rock stars during the 1980s and 1990s, her fans were shocked when she wed banker and real estate entrepreneur Mark Fluent in 2001.

Even though Justine looked for love in Hollywood, she had already met the man she would eventually marry in high school.

One of the men she dated was British punk rock musician Billy Idol, whose outrageous bad-boy image belies what Justine said of him. She commented:

“He was really very polite!”

Justine began dating sound engineer Bobby Anderson in the middle of the 1980s after they met while working on an episode of “Tales From the Dark Side” in 1984.

Justine Bateman Husband

Leif Garrett, a teen idol, was the next musician Justine dated. The couple reportedly broke up abruptly, and the actress  commented:

“He was a great guy, but I have no idea what happened to him.”

On various occasions, Justine Bateman and Richard Dean Anderson, who plays “MacGyver,” were spotted holding hands and appearing friendly.

However, even though the actor did date other Hollywood beauties, his relationship with Justine is not believed to have been anything but friendly.

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Justine Bateman Has Been Married to Mark Fluent for More than Two Decades

Strangely, even though Justine searched for love in Hollywood, she had already met Mark Fluent in high school, the guy she would later wed.

Multilingual is a businessman that serves as the Greater Los Angeles Area managing director for Deutsche Bank. He also has contacts in the entertainment sector as a producer. Says Justine:

“He’s an astute businessman so he gets the whole business end of it. He also produced a couple of movies, so he knows enough about it.”

Justine Bateman and Her Husband Have Two Adorable Kids

In 2002, when the actress was 36 years old, Justine and Mark Fluent welcomed their first child, a girl named Gianetta Fluency. Son Duke, their second child, was born in 2004.

Justine has worked hard to keep her family out of the spotlight for more than two decades of marriage. The two children attended a few events when they were younger but haven’t been seen since.

Justine ensured they enjoyed a typical childhood, regardless of whether they later decided to pursue a career in the show industry as their mother and uncle did.

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