Man Throws Cash Out of Car Window On Oregon Freeway
Man Throws Cash Out of Car Window On Oregon Freeway

Man Throws Cash Out of Car Window On Oregon Freeway!

On a road in Oregon late on Wednesday, there was quite a commotion as a man allegedly flung about $200,000 in cash out of a moving vehicle.

According to KEZI, the man and his family owned the money.

Despite the Oregon State Police’s assertion that the money has all been spent, people are still searching the sides of Interstate 5 in Eugene, Oregon, on Thursday.

“They were unsuccessful at locating any so the people that originally stopped on scene did a pretty good job of cleaning it all up,” Lt. Jim Andrews said.

Man Throws Cash Out of Car Window On Oregon Freeway

According to the police, Colin Davis McCarthy, 38, depleted the joint bank account of his family and let the money fly down the freeway.

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Unfortunately, the police indicated, there wasn’t much they could do for the family because the account was shared.

“Because it’s shared, they both have equal interests in the money,” Lt. Andrews said.

McCarthy might have been charged with a crime, according to the police, given the number of persons searching for the cash while walking along the side of the motorway.

“The most likely thing that he could have been charged with in a situation like that where there is danger being created because of his actions is disorderly conduct, potentially reckless endangering, but most likely, disorderly conduct,” Lt. Andrews said. “I know the troopers considered charging him with that or arresting with that, but in conversation with him they elected not to.”

Even though the chances are slim, the family asked that anyone who discovered any of the cash return it to the Oregon State Police because they really needed it.

The individual allegedly informed the police that he was prospering and wanted to distribute the money to others.

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