Putin Meets Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu
Putin Meets Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu

Russian President Vladimir Putin Meets Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu In Moscow!

Sunday’s meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s defense minister highlighted Beijing’s growing ties to Moscow, with which it has aligned much of its foreign policy in an effort to lessen the influence of the United States and other Western democracies.

Less than a month had passed since Chinese President Xi Jinping‘s three-day state visit to Moscow when Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu met with General Li Shangfu.

The United States and NATO are to fault for inciting Moscow, according to China, which has refrained from criticizing Russia’s military activities in Ukraine.

Putin Meets Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu

However, contrary to what the United States and other Western allies had anticipated, China’s foreign minister stated last week that his country would not provide Russia with arms.

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China maintains its official neutrality in the turmoil in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Xi’s visit highlighted how China is increasingly taking the lead in the partnership as it offers Russia political protection and a lifeline for the economy throughout the conflict in Ukraine.

In his opening remarks, Putin commended how relations between Russia and China have generally advanced.

“We are also working actively through the military departments, regularly exchanging information that is useful to us, cooperating in the field of military-technical cooperation, conducting joint exercises, moreover, in different theaters: in the Far East region, and in Europe, and at sea, and on land and in the air,” he said, according to the Kremlin.

Li said that the countries’ relations “outperform the military-political unions of the Cold War era. They rest on the principles of nonalignment, and are very stable.”

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