U.S. Tracking More Than 650 Potential UFOs
U.S. Tracking More Than 650 Potential UFOs

U.S. Tracking More Than 650 Potential UFOs!

Over 650 possible UFO sightings are currently being looked into by the US government, a Pentagon official stated on Wednesday.

The information was revealed by Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Defense Department’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, during testimony before a Senate Armed Services Committee subcommittee.

According to Kirkpatrick, the sightings are mainly off the East and West Coasts of the United States, in the Middle East, and around the South China Sea.

An unidentifiable item could be seen darting in and out of frame in recently declassified footage taken by an American military drone while conducting surveillance in the Middle East.

The video appears to show a metallic sphere when it is slowed down. But among many other unsolved questions, the Pentagon is still unsure of where it came from and what it was doing.

U.S. Tracking More Than 650 Potential UFOs

The Pentagon said there is no solid proof that the still-unidentified items originated in space. However, according to the Pentagon, a small percentage showed advanced flight characteristics, suggesting China may have created them.

This acknowledgment comes after the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in a report it had monitored 510 UFO sightings overall since 2005 January.

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That was a massive increase from 2021 when ODNI had only documented 144 sightings. A total of 366 new sightings were reported in the January report, of which 26 were classified as drones, 163 as balloon-like objects, and 6 as aerial clutter.

The remaining 171 sightings were unaccounted for, some of which showed “unusual flight characteristics or performance, and require further analysis.”

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