News About Donald Trump, Rape-Trial Jurors
News About Donald Trump, Rape-Trial Jurors

Trump Partly Responsible For Biased R@pe-Trial Jurors: Judge

After a federal judge on Monday denied his lawyer’s plea for a one-month postponement, Donald Trump’s r@pe trial will proceed as scheduled next week.

The judge ruled that the former president cannot make public statements to advance pretrial publicity and then argue it is unfair to him and justification for a trial delay.

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan in Manhattan said that the civil trial for allegations made against Trump by renowned columnist E. Jean Carroll will start on April 25 as scheduled. Trump denies Carroll ever knew him and that the incident took place.

Kaplan dismissed claims made by Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina that a one-month cooling-off period was required before the r@pe trial started due to Trump’s recent indictment on felony charges of falsifying company records in a New York state court.

“There was, of course, a great deal of media coverage — some of it invited and, indeed, provoked by Mr. Trump — first of the apparently impending indictment, then the indictment itself, and finally the arraignment. But the connection that Mr. Trump seeks to draw between that coverage and either the need for or the effectiveness of a ‘cooling off’ period is unsupported by any evidence,” the judge said.

Trump made public comments on his social media platform, during press conferences, and in interviews, according to Kaplan, who claimed that some current media coverage of Trump’s indictment was “of his own doing.”

“It does not sit well for Mr. Trump to promote pretrial publicity and then to claim that coverage that he promoted was prejudicial to him and should be taken into account as supporting a further delay,” The request was a problem for the court, which further stated :
 “delay tactic by Mr. Trump.”

News About Donald Trump, Rape-Trial Jurors

He said that as long as the jury agreed to be fair and unbiased regardless of what they had heard about Trump’s legal troubles, it wasn’t necessary to find jurors who had never heard of him.

“There is no justification for an adjournment. This case is entirely unrelated to the state prosecution, “ Kaplan made reference to allegations that Trump engaged in hush money payments to two women who claimed to have had affairs with him years before the 2016 presidential election. He has refuted the encounters.

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On Monday, Tacopina declined to comment on Kaplan’s decision or whether Trump will watch the r@pe trial. If Trump intends to attend court, he must inform Kaplan by Thursday.

In a footnote, the court listed additional legal risks Trump confronts to demonstrate how a month-long delay in the trial resulting from Carroll’s complaint may worsen rather than improve the environment for selecting a fair jury.

Trump’s potential handling of sensitive information is being investigated by a special prosecutor at the Justice Department, along with the 2020 election and the att@ck on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

In the meantime, New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed a lawsuit against Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization for suspected financial malfeasance.

A district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, is looking into Trump’s behavior following the 2020 election.

After Trump claimed Carroll lied when she claimed he att@cked her in the changing room of a posh Manhattan department shop in early 1996, Carroll filed a defamation lawsuit against him.

After New York State permitted victims to temporarily sue for long-ago se*ual assaults, she filed a second complaint in November.

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