Man Accused of Killing 5 Neighbors in Texas Arrested
Man Accused of Killing 5 Neighbors in Texas Arrested

Man Accused of Ki!!ing 5 Neighbors in Texas Arrested!

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office reports that Francisco Oropesa, accused of fatally shooting five of his neighbors, has been taken into custody.

On May 2, at 5:15 p.m., a tip was made to the FBI tip line indicating the whereabouts of Oropesa, a 38-year-old man. He was placed into police custody at 6:30 p.m.

At a press conference, Greg Capers, the sheriff for San Jacinto County, stated that Oropesa was discovered hiding in a closet beneath clothes. He was apprehended without a hitch.

“Everybody played a very integral part of the arrest and capture of this coward,” Capers added.

Man Accused of Killing 5 Neighbors in Texas Arrested

Capers explained that Wyoming, Florida, Maryland, and Oklahoma had all provided suggestions.

“Bottom line is this man is in custody,” he said.

Oropesa is being held on a $5 million bond after being accused of five charges of m*rder.

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Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Joe Ruiz de Chavez remarked, “This is a very sad time for the victims…hope it brings them some comfort and they can breathe.”

North of Houston, close to Cleveland, the attack occurred on April 28 on a street where some locals claim neighbors frequently relax by firing weapons.

A tweet from CBS News’s official Twitter account:

Oropesa allegedly shot his neighbors when they requested him to cease firing shots in his yard, and then he fled his house.

Oropesa, a citizen of Mexico, was deported from the United States in 2009 after an immigration judge in Houston issued a removal order.

Over the following seven years, after re-entering the nation, CBS News has learned that he was detained and expelled multiple times.

Oropesa was previously found guilty of drunk driving in Montgomery County, Texas, and received a jail sentence as punishment.

“Great job by law enforcement,” Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted.

The inquiry is underway, according to officials.

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