Police Officer Escapes Injury When Car Careens At 120 Mph
Police Officer Escapes Injury When Car Careens At 120 Mph

Police Officer Escapes Injury When Car Careens At 120 Mph!

During a traffic check in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., a police officer narrowly avoided being hit by an out-of-control automobile coming from across the median. The entire incident was caught on dashcam video.

No one was ki!!ed or seriously hurt, according to the Fairfax County police chief, in the close encounter on the Fairfax County Parkway before noon on Monday.

Chief Kevin Davis exclaimed at a press conference, “It’s just miraculous.”

According to Davis, an officer was driving a BMW 7 Series traveling 73 mph in a 50 mph zone.

Another BMW slammed into him, backside first, at more than 120 mph as he was conversing with the driver from the passenger side, according to officials.

Police Officer Escapes Injury When Car Careens At 120 Mph

The video demonstrates how the high-performance M3 BMW struck the bigger sedan before spinning into a Fairfax County patrol car. The right leg of the cop appears to have been hit or brushed.

“Cool, calm and collected, he hops over that guardrail and immediately gets on the radio,” Davis said.

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The cop and the driver of the other BMW were treated at a hospital for minor injuries and released, according to police, while the three youths in the M3 effectively got away with only minor wounds.

According to the agency, the M3’s 17-year-old driver received a citation for allegedly irresponsible driving.

The officer’s name would be made public, but Davis said he wanted to give him some time to digest what had happened.

“It’s quite the story for him to eventually tell,” Davis said. “But right now, he’s just glad to be alive.”

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