Jennifer Lopez Raising Max And Emme
Jennifer Lopez Raising Max And Emme

Jennifer Lopez Emotional About Raising Teens Max And Emme: ‘My Heart Hurts’!

As a twin mother, Jennifer Lopez is talking about her experiences. The Hollywood star, who makes time for her family daily, opened up about how she feels about having two kids and acknowledged that she may be the “bad cop” at times.

The actress recently appeared on “The View” to discuss her personal life, including her marriage to Ben Affleck and her two 15-year-old children, Max and Emme, from a former relationship with Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez Raising Max And Emme

“I remember my mom saying to me, ‘I’m always the bad guy, I got to discipline you,’” She spoke about Guadalupe Rodriguez, her mother. “And there is some truth to that. You get a little bit of the brunt of it.”

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Jennifer continued, saying that she sometimes feels “heart hurts” when she sees her children “locked up in their rooms,” adding, “Let’s hang out. I miss you!”

JLo said on Twitter:

She continued, “I’m experiencing this now, you know we all experience it for the first time with our own kids. And you’re just like, ‘Oh, this is what she was talking about.’ This is the time where your kids don’t want to talk to you. And they’re kind of individuating from you.”

“And it’s all necessary. And intellectually, I understand it, but my heart, my heart hurts,” she concluded. The singer recently honored the birthdays of her twins with a heartfelt tribute. “Happy birthday to my beautiful, brilliant coconuts,” she wrote. “I am so proud of you both in every single way. You bring so much joy and happiness to my heart and soul. I love you beyond forever.”

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