clermont twins before and after
clermont twins before and after

The Transformative Journey of the Clermont Twins: Before and After Plastic Surgery

The Clermont Twins, Shannon and Shannade have gained recognition as models, TV personalities, and fashion designers in the American fashion and television industry. Their appearances on the 14th season of Bad Girls Club catapulted them into the spotlight, but their fascination with plastic surgery caused a stir among fans.

Let’s delve into their journey of cosmetic enhancements and the subsequent buzz surrounding their bleached skin.

Before and After Plastic Surgery

The Clermont Twins embarked on plastic surgery in their early 20s, drastically transforming their appearance. Before their debut on Bad Girls Club, the twins had a distinct look from each other.

However, their numerous surgeries aimed to make them look more like identical twins. They underwent various procedures, including Brazilian butt-lifts, resulting in significant body changes.

Evolution After Bad Girls Club

Following their appearance on Bad Girls Club in 2015, the Clermont Twins underwent a period of media silence. When they resurfaced, they shocked fans with their altered appearances, featuring bleached skin, enhanced lips through Botox fillers, and nose alterations.

Their hips appeared wider, and their lips fuller than before. Their commitment to their plastic surgery aspirations has been unwavering as they continuously explore further enhancements.

The Extent of Plastic Surgery

Shannon and Shannade Clermont have openly admitted to undergoing plastic surgery on various parts of their bodies, except their breasts. They have changed their buttocks, cheeks, chin, lips, and other areas.

Their frequent trips under the knife have rendered them almost unrecognizable from their earlier images and photos.

clermont twins before and after-

Controversy Surrounding Bleached Skin

One aspect that stirred controversy was the Clermont Twins’ decision to bleach their skin. When they reemerged after their media hiatus, their noticeably lighter-colored skin attracted immediate attention from fans.

Opinions regarding skin bleaching are divided, with some perceiving it as an attempt to become completely different individuals, while others believe it is a personal choice. Claims have been made suggesting heavy makeup and filters, rather than actual skin bleaching, contributed to their lighter complexion, although evidence is lacking.

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Age and Early Life

Born on March 21, 1994, the Clermont Twins are 28 years old. They grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, with their Haitian father and Jamaican mother, but later moved to Dallas, Texas, and subsequently to Georgia at the age of nine. From a young age, they aspired to become fashion moguls and were inspired by their aunt.

Shannon graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, while Shannade attended Parsons School of Design, earning their bachelor’s degree in 2016.

Career and Entrepreneurship

Before her college education, the Clermont Twins began modeling professionally th and even appeared on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. They have since worked with prominent names in the fashion industry, including Kanye West and The Blonds.

They have established themselves as influential figures with a substantial social media following of over 1.8 million on Instagram (@clermonttwins). Additionally, they launched their fashion label, Mont Boudoir, in 2017.

Bad Girls Club Experience

When the Clermont Twins joined Bad Girls Club at 21, they kick-started their journey to stardom. Their appearance in the 14th season in 2015 marked the beginning of their rise to prominence. After seven years of professional modeling, which began when they were just 14 years old in 2008, they made their breakthrough on the reality TV show.

Conclusion: The Clermont Twins’ transformative journey through plastic surgery has captured the attention of fans and critics alike. Their commitment to enhancing their physical features has resulted in a notable change in their appearance. Despite the controversy surrounding their bleached skin, the twins have continued to pursue their dreams in the fashion industry and have become influential figures in social media.

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