tony balkissoon
tony balkissoon

Laura Jarrett: A Prominent Journalist’s Career and Personal Life

Laura Jarrett is a well-known journalist who gained recognition for her work at CNN, covering the Justice Department. In late 2022, she announced her departure from CNN to join NBC News as the Senior Legal Correspondent.

Alongside her successful career, Jarrett is married to Tony Balkissoon, a lawyer who works as the Vice President and Executive Counsel at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Let’s explore Laura Jarrett’s journey as a journalist, her husband Tony Balkissoon’s legal career, family life, and their respective backgrounds.

Laura Jarrett’s Journalism Career

Laura Jarrett began her career in law after studying at Harvard Law School. However, she later transitioned to journalism, covering justice, crime, and social issues. She worked as a reporter for CNN and was one of the four reporters assigned to cover the Justice Department. In 2022, she joined NBC News as the Senior Legal Correspondent.

Tony Balkissoon’s Legal Career

Tony Balkissoon is a public litigator from Canada who currently works as an attorney at Loevy & Loevy in Chicago. He specializes in criminal justice and civil rights cases, advocating for the constitutional rights of incarcerated individuals and those facing criminal accusations. Balkissoon is also the Vice President and Executive Counsel at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where he oversees various initiatives, including the Smart on Crime Innovations conference.

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Tony Balkissoon’s Background

Tony Balkissoon was raised in a family with a political background. His father, Bas Balkissoon, is a well-known Canadian politician who served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Bas Balkissoon also held positions as a municipal councilor in Scarborough and the amalgamated city of Toronto. Tony obtained his law degree from Harvard Law School and initially practiced intellectual property law before focusing on criminal justice and civil rights.

Laura Jarrett and Tony Balkissoon’s Marriage

Laura Jarrett and Tony Balkissoon have been married since June 2012. Their wedding ceremony occurred in Kenwood, Chicago, and was attended by high-profile guests, including then-President Barack Obama and former US Attorney General Eric Holder. Despite their busy schedules, the couple continues prioritizing their relationship and supporting each other.

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Laura Jarrett and Tony Balkissoon’s Children

Laura Jarrett and Tony Balkissoon have two children together. Their firstborn, James Anthony Balkissoon, was born on July 14, 2019. Three years later, on July 17, 2022, they welcomed their second child, June Tahay Balkissoon. The couple shares adorable moments with their children and actively engages in parenting.

Laura Jarrett’s Family Background

Laura Jarrett comes from an elite family. Her mother, Valerie Jarrett, served as a senior advisor to President Barack Obama and is currently the CEO of the Obama Foundation. Laura’s late father, William Jarrett, was a medical professional and director of obstetrics and gynecology at Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago. Valerie and William Jarrett divorced in 1988, four years after Laura’s birth.

Conclusion: Laura Jarrett has made a name for herself as a prominent journalist covering justice and social issues. Her husband, Tony Balkissoon, has an impressive legal career focused on criminal justice and civil rights. Together, they lead a fulfilling family life while juggling their professional responsibilities. The backgrounds and achievements of both Laura Jarrett and Tony Balkissoon contribute to their success as individuals and as a couple.

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