terry lee flenory
terry lee flenory

Sydney Mitchell Portrays LaWanda Roosevelt in BMF: Terry Lee Flenory’s Baby Mama

In the television series “Black Mafia Family” (BMF), LaWanda Roosevelt is played by Sydney Mitchell. LaWanda is the mother of Terry Lee Flenory Jr., who she shares with Terry Sr.

LaWanda Roosevelt and Terry Lee Flenory’s Relationship

LaWanda is portrayed as Terry Sr.’s girlfriend and the mother of their son in BMF. In the show, she is introduced at her baby shower and later visits Terry Sr. at the hospital after he is shot. Their relationship becomes strained when Terry Sr. starts a romance with a married woman, causing tension and conflicts.

LaWanda Roosevelt’s Character in BMF

Sydney Mitchell portrays LaWanda Roosevelt in the television series, showcasing her laid-back personality in season one and an aggressive demeanor in season two. Another character named Lori Walker, portrayed by Serayah McNeill appears as a recurring character in BMF.

LaWanda Roosevelt in Real Life

It is unclear how much of LaWanda’s character in BMF is based on actual events or if there is added drama for the show. There is limited information about LaWanda Roosevelt in real life, and she has not spoken publicly about her portrayal in the series.

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Terry Lee Flenory Jr.: Co-Producer of BMF

Terry Lee Flenory Jr., the son of Terry Sr. and LaWanda Roosevelt, is a co-producer of the television series BMF. Terry Jr. celebrated his 33rd birthday in 2022 and shares glimpses of his life with his father on Instagram. Although he does not have an acting role in BMF, he has produced many episodes for the show.

Tonesa Welch: Terry Lee Flenory’s Former Wife

Tonesa Welch, portrayed by La La Anthony as Markisha Taylor in BMF, is known as the First Lady of BMF. Tonesa Welch inspires the character of Markisha Taylor, but some details of their relationship have been changed for the show. Welch has expressed her displeasure with the fictionalized portrayal of her relationship with Terry Sr.

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Terry Lee Flenory and Tonesa Welch’s Relationship

Terry Lee Flenory and Tonesa Welch are no longer together. They do not follow each other on social media, and Tonesa has not shared any images with Terry Sr. on her Instagram account.


Sydney Mitchell portrays LaWanda Roosevelt in BMF, the baby mama of Terry Lee Flenory Sr. LaWanda’s character in the show undergoes conflicts and challenges in her relationship with Terry Sr. Terry Lee Flenory Jr., their son, is a co-producer of BMF and shares a close bond with his father. Tonesa Welch, Terry Sr.’s former wife, is portrayed as the First Lady of BMF but is dissatisfied with the fictionalized portrayal. While the characters in BMF may have undergone dramatic interpretations, the real-life relationships and experiences behind them may differ.

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