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hoyoverse login

HoYoverse Login Bonuses in Honkai Star Rail: Claim Daily Rewards for Galactic Adventures

Honkai Star Rail, the captivating turn-based galaxy trotting adventure from HoYoverse, offers players exciting login bonuses. This guide will explore redeeming these rewards and the valuable items you can obtain. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your Honkai Star Rail journey with these daily bonuses.

The Importance of Regular Logins

Discover the significance of logging in regularly to Honkai Star Rail and the rewards you can earn.

How to Redeem HoYoverse Login Bonuses

Step-by-step instructions on claiming the daily login bonuses via an external website.

Exclusive Bonus for Early Logins

Learn about the additional reward of 100 Stellar Jade for the first three days of logging into the website.

Overview of the Rewards

Explore the valuable items you can obtain through the HoYoverse login bonuses:

      • Adventure Logs
      • Condensed Aether
      • Stellar Jade
      • Credits
      • Lost Crystals
      • Refined Aether
      • Traveler’s Guide
      • Lost Gold Fragments
      • Bottled Soda
      • Energy Drink (sugar-free)
      • Mechanical Robot Arm

Maximizing the Rewards

Understand the cumulative value of the login bonuses and the benefits of consistent logins.

hoyoverse login-

Tracker for Missed Logins and Make-Up Options

Discover the convenient tracker on the website to keep count of missed logins and the possibility to make up for them by completing simple tasks.

Daily Check-In Reset Timezone

Learn about the timezone in which the daily check-in reset occurs (UTC+8).

Honkai Star Rail: A Turn-Based Galactic Adventure

Briefly introduce Honkai Star Rail as a popular turn-based RPG set in the Honkai Impact universe of gacha games.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are HoYoverse login bonuses in Honkai Star Rail?

The HoYoverse login bonuses in Honkai Star Rail are daily rewards players can obtain by logging in regularly.

How can I redeem the HoYoverse login bonuses?

Players must manually log into an external website using their HoYoverse account to claim the daily items.

Are there any exclusive bonuses for early logins?

Yes, players can receive a bonus of 100 Stellar Jade for the first three days they log into the website.

What are some of the rewards offered through the login bonuses?

The rewards include Adventure Logs, Condensed Aether, Stellar Jade, Credits, Lost Crystals, Refined Aether, Traveler’s Guide, Lost Gold Fragments, Bottled Soda, Energy Drink (sugar-free), and Mechanical Robot Arm.

What happens if I miss a day of logging in?

Missing a day of logging in will result in missing out on some rewards. However, completing tasks is possible to make up for missed logins.

When does the daily check-in reset occur in Honkai Star Rail?

The daily check-in reset in Honkai Star Rail follows the UTC+8 timezone.


Recap the benefits of HoYoverse login bonuses in Honkai Star Rail and encourage players to take full advantage of these daily rewards for an enhanced gaming experience.

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