JOP from Fuerza Regida: Rising Rapper With a Mysterious Love Life

Jesus Ortiz Paz, popularly known as JOP from Fuerza Regida, was born on May 13, 1997, in Sinaloa, Mexico. However, he was raised in San Bernardino, California. As a Taurus, he celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday in 2023.

YouTube Beginnings

At 14, JOP created his YouTube channel, @JesusOrtiz, in December 2011. Over the years, his channel has garnered significant popularity, boasting over 837K subscribers and over 100 million views as of April 2023.

The Rise of Fuerza Regida

In March 2015, when JOP was just 18 years old, he co-founded the music group Fuerza Regida alongside Jose Garcia, Samuel Jaimez, and Christian Ramos. JOP began uploading some of the group’s songs on his personal YouTube channel, but the real turning point came in 2017 when Fuerza Regida created their official YouTube channel, @FUERZAREGIDA.

Fuerza Regida’s Musical Journey

The official Fuerza Regida YouTube channel has amassed a staggering 1.9 million subscribers and features 48 videos as of April 2023. Their videos have been viewed over 1.8 billion times on YouTube, catapulting the band to wider recognition in the mainstream media.

Speculations about JOP’s Daughter

Fans on social media have been speculating about JOP’s personal life, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend, Laura Casillas, and whether they have a daughter together. On Valentine’s Day 2023, JOP shared a TikTok post showcasing a collection of bouquets he was about to gift Laura, sparking rumors.

Social Media Buzz

A TikTok user reposted the video, and in the comment section, a user claimed that JOP and Laura have a baby girl together. While another user disagreed, JOP’s followers seemed divided on the matter. Some defended his privacy, stating that certain aspects of his life should remain undisclosed.

Privacy Concerns

It appears that JOP and Laura might be keeping information about their daughter under wraps, which has sparked curiosity and speculation among fans. Some users expressed concern over the disrespect shown on social media toward JOP’s private life, emphasizing the importance of respecting celebrities’ boundaries.

A Talented Musician’s Journey

JOP from Fuerza Regina has rapidly risen to fame, making his mark in the music industry with his band’s success. Despite the rumors surrounding his personal life, JOP remains focused on his music and continues entertaining and inspiring his fans with his passion and talent.

Supporting a Rising Star

As JOP’s fanbase grows, supporters eagerly anticipate more music and content from the talented rapper and his band. Whether through his YouTube channel or thrilling performances, JOP’s journey as an artist promises to be filled with success and continued admiration from fans worldwide.

Confirmation of Relationship

Jesus Ortiz Paz, popularly known as JOP from Fuerza Regida, is currently in a romantic relationship with Laura Casillas. While they have not officially tied the knot, they have been open about their affection for each other on social media.

Luxury Fashion Connection

In June 2021, the official TikTok page of the luxury fashion collection Boss Lady B, @shopbossladyb, uploaded a video showcasing high-fashion heels ordered by Laura Casillas, officially confirming their relationship.


Valentine’s Day Surprise

On Valentine’s Day 2023, JOP pleasantly surprised Laura with a grand Ramo Buchon, a unique dome-shaped bouquet of roses, signifying their love for each other.

JOP’s Past Relationships

Before dating Laura, JOP reportedly had a relationship with model and social media influencer Jailyne Ojeda. Though they never publicly admitted to their relationship, they actively posted videos on TikTok.

Professional Collaboration with Becky G

JOP had a memorable Coachella performance alongside Becky G in April 2023. JOP joined Becky on stage as a special guest, enthralling the crowd with their joint performance.

Meet JOP’s Family

Jesus Ortiz Paz comes from a close-knit Mexican family. His parents, Felipe Ortiz Paz and Lucia Ortiz Paz have been a significant part of his life, and JOP often shares fond memories with them on social media.

Generous Gestures

In a heartwarming gesture, JOP gifted two beautiful cars to his parents, fulfilling a dream of providing something special for them.

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Keeping His Personal Life Private

While JOP is open about his relationship with Laura and his family, he remains tight-lipped about other aspects of his personal life, including information about his siblings. He prefers to keep specific details private and focuses on his music and career as a renowned music artist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about JOP from Fuerza Regida:

Who is JOP from Fuerza Regida?

JOP, also known as Jesus Ortiz Paz, is a talented rapper and musician associated with the music group Fuerza Regina.

When was JOP born?

JOP was born on May 13, 1997, in Sinaloa, Mexico.

How old is JOP as of 2023?

As of 2023, JOP is 26 years old.

When did JOP start his YouTube channel?

JOP created his YouTube channel, @JesusOrtiz, in December 2011 when he was just 14 years old.

How many subscribers and views does JOP’s YouTube channel have?

As of April 2023, JOP’s YouTube channel has over 837K subscribers and over 100 million views.

When did JOP co-found the music group Fuerza Regida?

JOP co-founded Fuerza Regida in March 2015 when he was 18, along with Jose Garcia, Samuel Jaimez, and Christian Ramos.

How successful is Fuerza Regida on YouTube?

Fuerza Regida’s official YouTube channel, @FUERZAREGIDA, has over 1.9 million subscribers and more than 1.8 billion video views as of April 2023.

Is JOP in a relationship?

Yes, JOP is currently in a romantic relationship with Laura Casillas.

Does JOP have a daughter?

There have been speculations and rumors about JOP and Laura having a daughter together, but the couple has made no official confirmation.

Is JOP related to Becky G?

JOP collaborated with Becky G in a Coachella performance, but they have no familial relationship.

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