Sydney Esiason
Sydney Esiason

Sydney Esiason and Matt Martin’s Extraordinary Journey from Friendship to Marriage

Sydney Esiason Martin, the wife of Canadian professional ice hockey winger Matt Martin, was born on August 15, 1992, in Long Island, New York. Despite being born in Long Island, she spent much of her childhood in Cincinnati.

Sydney comes from a family with a strong sports background, as her father is the former NFL player and New York Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason. Growing up, she was familiar with the world of sports, which later played a significant role in her career and personal life.

Education and Sports Journey

Sydney attended the prestigious Friends Academy, a college preparatory school. After completing her high school education, she pursued higher studies at Boston College. At Boston College, she excelled academically and showcased her athletic abilities. She was a women’s lacrosse team member, contributing her skills on the field.

Professional Career

After graduating from Boston College in 2014 with a major in Arts in English & Communications, Sydney embarked on her professional journey. Her passion for media and broadcasting led her to various exciting roles in the industry. She started as a PR intern for Maxim Magazine, where she gained valuable experience in the media world.

Subsequently, she interned at PAULE KA and CBS This Morning, further enhancing her skills and knowledge. Given her sports background and eloquence, she found her calling in sports broadcasting.

Sports Broadcasting Success

Sydney’s first job after college was as a Tailgate reporter for Jets Nation, covering the New York Jets from 2014 to 2015. Her charming personality and in-depth sports insights quickly earned her recognition in the industry.

Continuing her career trajectory, she became an on-air digital host for the National Hockey League (NHL), further solidifying her position in the sports broadcasting world. Her work ethic and dedication to delivering top-notch content made her a sought-after talent in the field.

Anchoring at Sports Illustrated

Sydney’s impressive skills and charismatic presence caught the attention of Sports Illustrated, one of the world’s most renowned sports media platforms. She took on the role of an anchor at Sports Illustrated, located in Manhattan, New York, contributing to their engaging sports coverage.

A Beautiful Family Life

Beyond her successful career, Sydney Esiason Martin found love in the arms of Matt Martin, the talented ice hockey winger for the New York Islanders. Their love story culminated in a heartwarming wedding ceremony on June 29, 2019, closer to their home in Southhampton, New York. The couple’s shared passion for sports has been a strong bond.

Sydney Esiason-

A Proud Mother

Sydney and Matt are proud parents to a beautiful daughter named Winnie. Their little family is completed with the presence of their adorable pet dog, Jax. Moreover, exciting news awaits them as they eagerly await the arrival of another baby girl this fall, adding more joy and love to their lives.

A Life in Long Island, New York

Sydney Esiason Martin resides in Long Island, New York, with her husband, Matt, and their growing family. As they continue to cherish their loving moments together, Sydney’s multifaceted talents, vibrant personality, and sports background make her a remarkable individual in her career and personal life.

Reconnection after Hurricane Sandy: A Fateful Turn

Although they briefly lost touch, fate had other plans for them. When Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, Matt reached out to check on Sydney and her family’s well-being. This rekindled their communication, and they soon realized their growing affection for each other.

Love Blossoms in Toronto: A Move for Hockey

As their relationship flourished, Sydney made a significant decision for love. She moved to Toronto, Canada, when Matt joined the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2016. The couple fell in love with the vibrant distillery district in Toronto, and it became a special place for their love story.

A Romantic Proposal: Sealing Their Love

Matt proposed to Sydney in front of the district’s iconic LOVE sign adorned with locks in the enchanting distillery district. Sydney’s mother witnessed the heartfelt moment as Matt went down on one knee. They added their safety to the sign to immortalize the occasion, inscribing it with their initials and the proposal date, “March 18, 2019.”

A Coastal Wedding in Southampton: Tying the Knot

On June 29, 2019, the couple celebrated their love with a chic coastal wedding in Southampton, New York. Having cherished memories of the Hamptons from her childhood, Sydney knew she would be a Hampton bride. They chose Sebonack Golf Club for the reception, offering a stunning view of Peconic Bay, reflecting their shared love for water and the beach.

An Elegant Ceremony: Vows and Commitment

The outdoor ceremony was graced with a letterpress wedding suite from Bella Figura, which guests to the picturesque Southampton. Playful touches like cocktails and the Canadian flag symbolized Matt’s roots. Sydney walked down the aisle in an Eli Saab ball gown, exuding a timeless and elegant vibe. At the same time, Matt donned a navy Indochino tuxedo complemented by needlepoint lion Stubbs & Wooton slippers.

A Reverent Vow Exchange: A Heartfelt Moment

With Reverend Eric N. Zile officiating at the altar, Matt and Sydney exchanged heartfelt vows, promising to stand by each other through thick and thin. Surrounded by 11 bridesmaids and Matt’s niece as the flower girl, their wedding exuded joy and love.

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An Enchanting Reception: Celebrating Love

The reception was adorned with pale blue accents, aligning with the coastal theme. Matt changed into a white jacket suit, and Sydney slipped into a form-fitting Pronovias sheath dress later in the evening. Their guests indulged in the delight of a Fudgie the Whale cake, a cherished family tradition from Sydney’s upbringing.

Growing Family: Embracing Parenthood

In July 2020, Matt and Sydney welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Windsor Grace Martin. The couple’s pet Rottweiler, Jax, is also an integral part of their family. As they eagerly await the arrival of another baby girl this fall, their love and commitment to each other and their expanding family continue to strengthen their bond.

Matt and Sydney Martin’s love story showcases the beauty of unexpected connections and the enduring power of love, proving that when two souls are meant to be together, fate will always find a way.

FAQs about Sydney Esiason Martin and Matt Martin’s Love Story

Where did Sydney and Matt get engaged?

Matt proposed to Sydney in the vibrant distillery district in Toronto, Canada. He went down on one knee before the iconic LOVE sign covered in locks, creating a beautiful and romantic memory.

When did Sydney and Matt tie the knot?

Sydney Esiason and Matt Martin exchanged their wedding vows on June 29, 2019, in a chic coastal wedding surrounded by their friends and family in Southampton, New York.

How many children do Sydney and Matt have?

Sydney and Matt are proud parents to a beautiful daughter named Winnie. Additionally, they eagerly await another baby girl’s arrival this fall, adding more joy and love to their growing family.

Where do Sydney and Matt reside?

Sydney Esiason Martin and Matt Martin reside in Long Island, New York, along with their daughter Winnie and pet dog Jax.

What is Sydney Esiason Martin’s profession?

Sydney is a successful sports broadcaster and anchor. She has worked for prominent media platforms such as Sports Illustrated and the National Hockey League (NHL).

What are Sydney’s educational qualifications?

Sydney attended Boston College, where she excelled academically and was a women’s lacrosse team member. She graduated in 2014 with a major in Arts in English & Communications.

How does Sydney balance her career and family life?

Sydney Esiason Martin manages her successful career in sports broadcasting while cherishing precious moments with her husband, Matt, and their growing family. Their shared passion for sports serves as a strong bond in their relationship.

How do Sydney and Matt often share their family moments?

Sydney and Matt regularly share glimpses of their family life on social media, featuring adorable pictures of their daughter Winnie and their beloved pet dog, Jax. They continue to celebrate their love and cherish their special moments together.

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