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krista visentin

David Visentin: The Canadian TV Personality and Real Estate Guru

David Visentin, the renowned Canadian actor, realtor, and TV personality, has found immense success hosting the popular HGTV reality show “Love It or List It.” Let’s explore his family life, including his wife Krista Visentin and their son Logan Visentin, along with fascinating details about his parents and personal life.

The Journey to HGTV Stardom

Born on June 28, 1965, David Visentin began his career in the real estate industry as an agent for Country Living Realty in 1987. Over the years, he garnered extensive experience in the housing market, becoming a reputable name in Southern Ontario’s real estate scene. In 2011, David made his first TV appearance in “Kortney & Dave: By Request,” setting the stage for his remarkable journey as a TV personality.

Love It or List It: A Winning Combination

David Visentin co-hosts “Love It or List It” with Hilary Farr, a show that captures viewers’ hearts as homeowners seek a facelift for their current properties while exploring new homes. The dynamic duo offers entertaining and insightful insights to help homeowners make life-changing decisions about their living spaces.

The Visentin Family: Krista and Logan

David Visentin’s loving family includes his wife, Krista Visentin, and their son, Logan Visentin. The couple currently resides in Barrie, Ontario, where they have built a warm and nurturing home for their family.

Following in His Parents’ Footsteps

David’s passion for real estate runs in the family. His father, Nick Visentin, was a realtor in Canada, and he worked for Country Living Realty Ltd., a reputable real estate agency based in Rosemont, Canada, specializing in the Ontario property market.

David had the privilege of working alongside his father in the real estate business, benefiting from his valuable guidance and expertise. Under Nick’s mentorship, David flourished, becoming one of the top agents in Southern Ontario’s competitive real estate market.

A Private Personal Life

Despite his television fame, David Visentin prefers to keep his family and personal life private. As a result, information about his mother remains scarce. However, in an interview, David hinted that his parents continue to reside in Barrie, Ontario.

Cherishing Family Moments

Although David remains tight-lipped about his personal life, he occasionally shares rare moments with his family on his social media profiles. In a heartwarming Facebook post on January 9, 2023, he shared a rare picture of his mom and aunt, giving a glimpse into his cherished family connections.

The Joy of Grandparenthood

David’s parents experienced the joy of becoming grandparents when the TV star welcomed his son, Logan, with his partner Krista in 2011. The arrival of their grandchild filled David’s parents with overwhelming happiness, celebrating the new chapter in their family’s journey.

David Visentin: A Happy Marriage with Krista Visentin

David Visentin, the talented Canadian TV personality and realtor, found love and happiness in his marriage to Krista Visentin. Let’s delve into their enduring relationship, son Logan Visentin, and the successful partnership with Hilary Farr on “Love It or List It.”

A Blissful Union: David and Krista’s Love Story

David Visentin and Krista Visentin exchanged vows on October 7, 2006, embarking on a journey of love and togetherness. Their union has stood the test of time, and for more than 16 years, they have nurtured a joyous married life. Despite David’s rising fame as a TV star, he remains guarded about his private life, preferring to keep personal matters away from the media spotlight.

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Krista Visentin: A Supportive Partner and Real Estate Agent

Krista Grycko Visentin is a professional real estate agent from Ontario, Canada. Unlike her celebrity husband, Krista maintains a low-key profile, focusing on her successful career in the real estate business. She played a pivotal role in supporting David as he rose to fame as a co-host on the hit HGTV reality show “Love It or List It.”

Age Difference and Everlasting Love

David Visentin and Krista Visentin share a small age gap, with the TV star being five years older than his partner. David was born on June 28, 1965, making him 58 years old, while Krista was born in 1970. They tied the knot when David was 41 and Krista had just turned 36, proving that age was no barrier to their enduring love.

A Joyous Parenthood: Welcoming Logan Visentin

In 2011, David and Krista embraced parenthood with the birth of their beloved son, Logan Visentin. Born on March 30, 2011, Logan brought immeasurable happiness into their lives. David fondly expressed that the birth of his son was the most joyous moment he had ever experienced. Their parents couldn’t contain their excitement when they held their grandson for the first time.

The Loving Family Man

Despite the fame and success that came later in his life, David Visentin remained faithful to his wife and family. Fully committed to the happiness and well-being of his son Logan, he navigates the busy life of a TV star with dedication. While juggling professional commitments, Krista takes on the role of a devoted mother, ensuring a nurturing upbringing for their son.

The Dynamic Duo: David Visentin and Hilary Farr

David Visentin and Hilary Farr form a dynamic duo on the popular HGTV reality show “Love It or List It.” As co-hosts, they captivate the audience with their tenacious rivalry, with David playing the realtor offering houses based on clients’ budgets. At the same time, Hilary, an interior designer, presents significant renovation plans. The show’s success and charm owe much to their vibrant collaboration.

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Good Friends, Not Romantic Partners

Despite speculations about their off-screen relationship, David Visentin and Hilary Farr share a genuine and deep affection as friends. They met on the “Love It or List It” set in 2008, with David already happily married to Krista. The show’s success led to 18 seasons and 206 episodes, making them household names.

An Inspiring Partnership and Everlasting Friendship

David Visentin and Krista Visentin’s enduring love story exemplifies the strength of a committed marriage. They cherish every moment as a family with their loving son Logan. Meanwhile, David’s collaboration with Hilary Farr is a testament to the power of friendship and professional synergy. Their journey together has inspired countless fans and kept audiences entertained for years, solidifying their place in the hearts of viewers worldwide.


Who is David Visentin’s wife?

David Visentin’s wife is Krista Visentin. The couple married on October 7, 2006, and has been happily together for over 16 years.

How many children does David Visentin have?

David Visentin has one child named Logan Visentin. Logan was born on March 30, 2011, and is the only child of David and Krista.

What TV show does David Visentin co-host with Hilary Farr?

David Visentin co-hosts the popular HGTV reality show “Love It or List It” with Hilary Farr. The show features homeowners looking for a home renovation or a new property.

Did David Visentin work in real estate with his parents?

Yes, David Visentin’s father, Nick Visentin, was a realtor in Canada, and David had the privilege of working alongside him in the real estate business. Under his father’s guidance, David became one of the top agents in the Southern Ontario real estate market.

Is Krista Visentin also involved in the real estate business?

Yes, Krista Visentin is also a professional real estate agent. She is actively involved in the real estate business and has supported David in his career.

How long has “Love It or List It” been on air?

“Love It or List It” first aired on HGTV on September 8, 2008. The show has been a massive hit and renewed for 18 seasons, completing 206 episodes.

Are David Visentin and Hilary Farr romantically involved?

No, David Visentin and Hilary Farr are not romantically involved. They share a strong friendship and a deep affection for each other, but their relationship is strictly professional.

How does David Visentin keep his personal life private despite being a TV star?

David Visentin prefers to keep his personal life private and away from the media spotlight. He occasionally shares rare moments with his family on social media but maintains a low-key profile.

Where does David Visentin currently reside with his family?

David Visentin and his family currently live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. They have built a warm and nurturing home for themselves in their hometown.

How old is David Visentin, and what is his birthdate?

David Visentin was born on June 28, 1965, making him 58.

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