Is Ato Boldon Gay
Is Ato Boldon Gay

Is Ato Boldon Gay? How Does He Deal With the Rumors?

Ato Boldon is a Trinidadian former track and field athlete, politician, and four-time Olympic medal winner. He holds the Trinidad and Tobago national record in the 50, 60, and 200 meters events with times of 5.64, 6.49, and 19.77 seconds, respectively, and the Commonwealth Games record in the 100 m. He is also a TV analyst for NBC Sports, covering track and field events.

But apart from his impressive achievements and career, another aspect of his life has been a subject of speculation and curiosity: his s*xuality. Is Ato Boldon gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? This article will explore the facts and evidence behind these claims and try to answer this question.

What Are the Rumors About Ato Boldon’s S*xuality?

The rumors about Ato Boldon’s s*xuality have been circulating on the internet for a long time, but there is no clear source or origin of these allegations. Some people have claimed he is gay based on his appearance, voice, mannerisms, or personal preferences. Others have suggested that he is hiding his true identity or living a double life.

However, these rumors are not supported by any concrete proof or credible information. They are based on assumptions, stereotypes, or personal opinions that do not reflect the reality of Ato Boldon’s life.

How Does Ato Boldon Respond to These Rumors?

Ato Boldon has always maintained a private stance regarding his personal life. He has chosen not to address his s*xuality or respond to these rumors publicly. He has focused on his professional endeavors and achievements rather than engaging in controversies or gossip.

This does not mean that he is ashamed or afraid of his s*xuality. It simply means that he respects his privacy and does not need to justify or explain himself to anyone. He believes his s*xuality is irrelevant to his work and career, and a personal matter only concerns him and his loved ones.

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What is Ato Boldon’s Dating History?

While Ato Boldon has kept his personal life private, he has not hidden his dating history or relationships. He has been married twice before and has a daughter from his second marriage.

His first wife was Cassandra Mills, an entertainment executive and manager whom he married in 1998 after a three-year courtship. They divorced in 2007 without having any children together.

His second wife was Neki Mohan, a TV journalist and anchor whom he married in 2007. They welcomed their daughter Lea Boldon in the same year. They separated in 2018 but remained on good terms for their daughter’s sake.

These facts show that Ato Boldon consistently prefers women and has been involved in long-term relationships with them. This factual information should dispel doubts about his s*xual orientation, confirming that he identifies as straight.


Ato Boldon is not gay. He is a straight man who has been married twice and has a daughter. The rumors about his s*xuality are unfounded and based on speculation, not evidence. He has chosen to keep his personal life private and focus on his professional career rather than responding to these rumors or clarifying his s*xuality.

He believes his s*xuality is irrelevant to his work and achievements, and a personal matter only concerns him and his loved ones. We hope this article has helped you understand more about Ato Boldon and his s*xuality. If you have any questions or comments, please share them below. Thank you for reading!

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