Alan Lonsdale Quinn of Barrow died

Alcohol Poisoning Led to the Death of Alan Lonsdale Quinn of Barrow

On the morning of May 31, 2023, Angela Fleming, a caretaker from Twilight Years, paid a routine visit to the home of Alan Lonsdale Quinn, 66, in Ramsay Park and found him unresponsive.

After discovering the retired electrical engineer slumped in his chair with no vital signs, she called 911, and at 9:14 a.m., Mr. Quinn was pronounced dead. Alex Quinn, one of Mr. Quinn’s three sons, testified at the coroner’s inquest in Cockermouth.

He said his dad was “a big deal in the Barrow scene” and that everyone knew and liked him. I grew up in the Holker Street neighborhood of Barrow. At 16, he began working at Vickers Shipbuilding and eventually became the chief electrical engineer for a merchant ship.

The statement said: “He learned many skills during his time in the navy which helped him save a young lad who had fallen into the docks.” “Without Alan’s intervention and quick reactions, this young individual might not be with us today.”

He added that his dad was always an alcoholic, but after his divorce from Wendy in 2004 he started drinking a lot more.

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According to him, Mr. Quinn started working as an electrical engineer at HM Prison Haverigg in 2007 but was eventually forced to retire due to health reasons in 2014.

It said: “In the last ten to fifteen years of his life, he became an alcoholic.” His health suffered as a result, and he was admitted to the hospital numerous times for treatment of alcoholism.

“In 2018, he was taken to hospital with sepsis, resulting in the majority of his main organs failing.” “He bounced back, but spent the remainder of his time being treated for infections.” “In the years prior to Alan’s passing, he was immobile and needed carers.”

Mr. Quinn’s blood alcohol content was 361 milligrams per deciliter, while the legal limit for drunk driving is 80 milligrams per deciliter, according to a toxicology report. The results of the autopsy hinted that fatal alcohol poisoning might be the cause of death.

The medical cause of Mr. Quinn’s death was determined to be acute alcohol toxicity in addition to multiple cardiac and hepatic issues, as determined by Assistant Coroner for Cumbria Robert Cohen.

“Alan was and still is a very well-respected member of the Barrow community,” Mr. Quinn’s son said. “He has an outstanding reputation for the hard work he has done in his work and hobbies.” “Alan will be greatly missed by his family and friends.”

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