Tony Dungy Illness

Tony Dungy Illness: Does Tony Dungy Have Cancer?

For more than a decade, Tony Dungy was an NFL player and coach, most notably with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Indianapolis Colts. Dungy made history as the first African-American head coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory.

Tony Dungy Illness

There is no proof that Tony Dungy is sick at this time. He reportedly has a healthy mind and body. Although there have been rumors and criticisms regarding his health in the past, no new or credible information suggests that he is currently battling any ailment. Tony Dungy seems to be living a very active and healthy lifestyle these days.

Tony Dungy Illness

Is Tony Dungy Suffering From Cancer?

Tony Dungy’s physique is completely cancer-free. There is no history of cancer in any of his family members or distant relatives. Any rumors that his health might be in jeopardy should be put to rest, as his baldness is entirely natural and not the product of chemotherapy or cancer treatment.

Neither Tony nor his wife Lauren have addressed the media about his condition. You Can Be a Friend is the outcome of their friendship and the fact that they’ve been roommates since 2011. They claim to have been married since 1982 and to have children, although information on the family is scant.

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