Cindy Mccain Net Worth

Cindy McCain Net Worth: Cindy’s $400 Million Impact on Business and Philanthropy!

Cindy Lou McCain (née Hensley; born May 20, 1954) is the executive director of the World Food Programme and an American diplomat, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

From 2021 until 2023, McCain represented the United States as Ambassador to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. She is the former spouse of John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee and U.S. Senator from Arizona.

Cindy McCain Net Worth

U.S. entrepreneur and philanthropist Cindy McCain is worth an estimated $400 million. Her family firm, Hensley & Co., is primarily responsible for this staggering sum. In the year 2000, Cindy received the majority share in a beer distribution firm. She’s in charge as chairman right now.

However, she is arguably best recognized as the wife of John McCain, a long-serving senator and former Presidential contender. She met and married John McCain in 1980 after completing her training as a special education teacher.

She then got very active in her politician husband’s campaign, and she continues to maintain strong links to the nonprofit sector to this day. Moreover, Cindy is the mom of popular TV personality Meghan McCain.

Cindy Mccain Net Worth

Cindy McCain Actual Property

Cindy McCain reportedly spent $2.8 million for a property in Phoenix, Arizona in 2018. Her new house has five bedrooms and 5,000 square feet in size with marble floors and a spacious backyard. She had previously bought and sold a property in Phoenix, so this wasn’t her first time investing in the city.

In 2008, she and her late husband made $3.2 million upon the sale of a nearby property that was 14,500 square feet. There were two acres of land attached to this home. The McCains have lived in their Phoenix apartment for a year now. They started out by purchasing an apartment in a 12-story glass skyscraper in downtown Phoenix for $4.67 million.

After waiting two years, they finally made the plunge and paid $830,000 for the downstairs flat, transforming the two homes into one gigantic mansion. They also bought their daughter a loft in the area for $700,000 at the same time. They eventually relisted the Phoenix home for $730,000.

A property near Cornville, Arizona is also part of the McCain estate. The 15-acre property is valued at over $1 million. The couple invested 20 years on improving the land and building several cottages for visitors. After John passed away, his family made a pact to create a sanctuary for the local avian population.

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Last but not least, the McCains also own a number of condominiums in various locations across California and Virginia, adding to their already substantial real estate holdings in both states. La Jolla, San Diego, is home to one very impressive house. This 1,429-square-foot apartment went for $1.3 million in 2017 when it was sold.

Two more condominiums may be found in coastal Coronado, California. The McCains spent $2.1 million for one of these condominiums and $2.6 million on the other. In 2014, both properties changed hands.

Cindy appears to have used a trust to acquire a 2,000-square-foot home in Arlington, Virginia for $375,000 back in 1993. She made quite a profit when she sold the apartment in 2017 for $1.2 million. In 2006, Cindy McCain made $3.2 million from the sale of her childhood home in Phoenix.

Declaring Financial Interests

John’s real estate assets became public knowledge when he was required to reveal his financial situation during his run for president. More than merely real estate holdings were exposed in these filings. In 2008, the pair admitted they had a garage full of automobiles. Suits from the German designer Escada are a staple in Cindy’s wardrobe.

The going rate for one of these costumes is around $3,000. The filings also showed that the McCains had saved anything from $2.7 million to $5.8 million in investment accounts for their kids.

Notable philanthropic contributions were also highlighted, such as the $210,000 given to the US Naval Academy Foundation and the $500,000 given to various private schools. The McCain Institute Foundation received $9 million in excess cash from John McCain’s presidential campaign.

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