Pava LaPere Net Worth

Pava LaPere Net Worth: A Visionary Entrepreneur and EcoMap Technologies CEO!

EcoMap Technologies’ CEO and visionary entrepreneur Pava LaPere was worth an estimated $7 million. She had driven her firm to new heights, surpassing $8 million in revenue just a month before her terrible death in Baltimore at the early age of 26 and was included on Forbes’ renowned 30 Under 30 list.

Pava LaPere Net Worth

The many hats that Pava LaPere has worn as an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and media figure have helped her build a sizeable fortune of $7 million. Because of her hard work, creativity, and strategic vision, she was able to take EcoMap Technologies to financial success.

Her financial success mirrored her professional achievements and demonstrated the profound effect she had on her industry. Despite her untimely passing, Pava LaPere’s net worth and success story continue to motivate many.

Pava LaPere Net Worth

Pava LaPere Background and Achievements

Pava LaPere took the reins at EcoMap Technologies, a company she co-founded, and led it to great success. Under her skilled direction, the firm expanded significantly, hitting an important sales milestone of $8 million.

LaPere’s inclusion on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list attested to her commercial acumen. Her passion and foresight were vital to the growth of EcoMap Technologies, and she will forever be remembered for her contributions.

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Pava LaPere Education and Parents

Caroline and Frank LaPere’s daughter Pava Marie was born in Tucson, Arizona on January 21st, 1997. She attended Johns Hopkins University for her undergraduate education and majored in sociology.

LaPere was an outstanding leader and businesswoman even as a student. She co-founded and led “TCO Labs,” an organization at Johns Hopkins University dedicated to fostering an environment conducive to business innovation. She spent two years (February 2015–May 2019) establishing the university’s first incubator program. Besides working at ‘TCO Labs,’ she also has another job.

From the end of 2015 to the end of 2017, Pava served as the Rho Psi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi’s Vice President of Professional Development. She has had positions as a Head Course Assistant at Johns Hopkins University, a Venture Partner at Contrary Capital, and a Content Developer at Marigold Health.

As the Executive Director of The Hatchery at Johns Hopkins and the Accelerator Founder of Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV), her commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship was on full display.

In June of 2018, Pava established Innov8MD as a nonprofit organization to support student entrepreneurs in the state of Maryland. Pava joined the newly formed “EcoMap Technologies, Inc.” as a co-founder in December of 2018. Her new duties as CEO, for which she had just been appointed, began immediately.

Finally, Pava LaPere’s life was cut brutally short before she could accomplish all that she was capable of. The news of her untimely demise, along with her $7 million in assets, devastated many. There is still time for justice and answers to be found while the investigation proceeds.

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