David Blaine Net Worth

David Blaine Net Worth: The Wealth Builder’s Playbook!

In the United States, David Blaine is known as an extreme performance, an endurance artist, and an illusionist. He was born on April 4, 1973. He has set and broken a number of world records for his extraordinary endurance accomplishments.

David Blaine Net Worth

David Blaine is a $40 million dollar American illusionist and endurance artist. David Blaine became famous by following in the footsteps of Harry Houdini, who shot to fame by announcing an astonishing act to the press in advance. The combination of Blaine’s unique kind of magic, uptown-casual wardrobe, and celebrity connections like A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio quickly made him a household name.

Money Made by David Blaine

David may make $5 million or more performing in Las Vegas and at private events in an average year when he is not on tour. His annual earnings might reach $15 million when he goes on tour. He made $4.5 million dollars in 2017. With earnings of $13.5 million in 2018, he ranked as the world’s fourth-highest paid artist.

David Blaine Net Worth

David Blaine Specials

Blaine featured in an hour-and-a-half program for ABC in November 2013 titled “David Blaine: Real or Magic.” Matthew Akers directed the special, which featured Blaine performing magic for notables from many walks of life.

A 42-minute program titled “Beyond Magic” aired on ABC in November 2016 and featured Blaine doing magic for a variety of celebrities. One of the featured magic tricks in this presentation is Blaine seemingly catching a.22 caliber bullet in a little metal cup in his mouth.

On April 1, 2020, Blaine starred in another ABC special titled “David Blaine: The Magic Way.” In addition to his daughter’s particular performances, it featured a variety of close-up magic acts (thanks to COVID-19) and card tricks through video chat. In the Oval Office, Blaine has performed for Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

David Blaine Lifestyle Issues

From 2009 until their 2014 breakup, Blaine was engaged to French fashion model Alizee Guinochet. Together, they gave birth to a daughter, Dessa, in 2011. Blane has been the subject of three separate sexual assault investigations.

David Blaine Actual Property

David paid some sum in 1998 for a New York City condo that was around 1,000 square feet in size. When he put the condo up for sale in 2016, he asked $2.3 million. He purchased a duplex in the Tribeca area of Manhattan for $1.675 million in 2005. So far as we can ascertain, he is still the legal owner of both properties.

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